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Promoted to Admin!

Kayesser has been with ToS for several months now. He has been an incredible help to Admins in keeping up with base repairs and ensuring the quarries are running, maximising production for the clan.

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New In Game Overlay

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Admin Changes & Safe Zones

Safe Zones are off limits to having weapons drawn, raiding or killing. You will NOT build and camp non combative players going to and from the Safe Zones. People who currently live within the Safe Zones CANNOT raid period.

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Player Builds Vol. 1

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ToS Realms, Factions & Guilds

This list is accurate but incomplete, as we are still compiling data. If anyone knows of any other realms we have toons and guilds on, please let me know.


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Map Wipe on Vanilla Fudge today

Along with today's map wipe, will come a new fresh map. Everyone starting out unaware of their surroundings, seems to be the way to go. We'll be giving out the usual Wood/Stone to get everyone going again.

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