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Patch Update delay on Vanilla Fudge 10-15-2015

The developers do not exactly have everything sorted out. Still a few issues and testing to get through.

This means it is possible, the server and clients will not update until tonight or even until tomorrow sometime.

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What's up people - Veeblefetzer Intro

Well I guess you could say I'm the old guy of the of the group. My home gaming days started around 1975 with Atari's Home Pong console.

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Rust Update on Vanilla Fudge 10-15-2015 | No Map or Blueprint Wipe Scheduled

F2 menu removed and merged with main options menu

New visual effects for Timed explosives, Beancan Grenades and Grenades

New Key Lock visual

3 temporary Ladders added to the Sphere

Jack O'Lanterns

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No Map or Blueprint Wipe Scheduled on Vanilla Fudge for this weeks Update

Here are more exciting changes we'll see in this weeks Rust update.

Barbed Wire Added to the Top of Stone Walls


Collider Batching

High Gate

Can Wear Hats with Bandana

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