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Discipline Smack Down!

Twas a glorious day!

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Vanilla Fudge Closes Indefinitely on 12-01-2015

Thank you to all of our players! We had fun. We appreciate each and every one of you for stopping in and giving Vanilla Fudge a go.

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Rust Update on Vanilla Fudge 11-05-2015 | Forced Map Wipe Scheduled

Along with todays update comes a New Map! We're sticking with 5k, as that seems to be the appropriate size for our population.

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Rust Update on Vanilla Fudge 10-29-2015 | No Map or Blueprint Wipe Scheduled

As many of you may already know, ToS is experimenting with mod plugins for Vanilla Fudge, thus really pushing the limits of the Fudge. We'll be placing polls on the site through out the week following todays update.

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