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Amithus is the screen name for Dan's characters in game. Amithus as a character name has been around since 1994 in Ultima Online and has been my main identity online since 1995. It's derived from a mis-spelling of the word Amethyst and since no one else uses that spelling, I've been able to get that name on any game I've played since then. Other screen names are DNS, DHCP, Xanabar and MSTSC. Most of the networking terms come due to my education and career path in IT. Xanabar is a meme on Xanax, something that one of my friends takes daily and calls them Xanabars, figured it was funny and as an alt name, again is usually not taken.

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Explore Gorgrond TomTom Waypoints

Just as the other zones, I suggest using TomTom and these waypoints to easily complete the Explore quests needed to get Draenor Pathfinder done. Here are the TomTom waypoints for Gorgrond.

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Explore Talador TomTom Waypoints

I suggest using TomTom when doing the Explore quests, it makes finding that "exact" spot to uncover the map points that much easier.

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Goldmane The Skinner WoW Garrison Follower - Article and Video

Why Should I Get Goldmane The Skinner


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Expert Treasure Hunter Achievement for Draenor Flying Exploit

I don't know if this is considered an exploit or if it's just a broken game mechanic however when you're in Gorgrond doing your exploration, if you are partying with someone that has the opposite zone perk than you, you can loot thier garison trea

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Rust Disconnected EAC

Since the last patch on Friday September 4th there have been multiple people complaining about the EAC Disconnect trying to connect to a server or being disconnected from a server.

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Hello Everyone - Amithus Intro

Hello and Welcome to the Table of Syndicates Community Forums. I’m Amithus, one of the founders of ToS back in 1994.

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Table of Syndicates Logo

Here is the current graphic set for the Table of Syndicates.

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