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Amithus is the screen name for Dan's characters in game. Amithus as a character name has been around since 1994 in Ultima Online and has been my main identity online since 1995. It's derived from a mis-spelling of the word Amethyst and since no one else uses that spelling, I've been able to get that name on any game I've played since then. Other screen names are DNS, DHCP, Xanabar and MSTSC. Most of the networking terms come due to my education and career path in IT. Xanabar is a meme on Xanax, something that one of my friends takes daily and calls them Xanabars, figured it was funny and as an alt name, again is usually not taken.

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Vanilla Fudge Rust Build-Off

Official rules and entry submission details along with deadlines and prize payouts are now listed in the article.

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Vanilla Fudge Rust Server Community Build-Off

ToS Vanilla Fudge Server Build-Off

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Table of Syndicates Community Contributors

Our community is looking to grow and offer more unique content and we’re looking for people like you. Our goal is to provide the gaming community a source of game related content, hardware reviews, game news and articles.

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Elite Dangerous & Squad – ToS is Expanding

Elite Dangerous is a space simulator game with many refined gameplay aspects. Squad is the stand-alone version of Battlefield 2’s Project Reality Mod.

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Adding Elite Dangerous and Squad

I'm adding Elite Dangerous and Squad to our games we'll be covering. Elite Dangerous is a space simulator game that has been out since December of 2014 and is about to have the first expansion drop this December.

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Google & Bing Page Rank

I've been working on the SEO and mobile optimization for our website for a while now and it seems to be paying off. When we started the website our posts and pages would be back on the 3rd or 4th page of results on both Bing and Google.

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