• Buy the design from the General Merchant
  • The carpentry workbench is where you'll make this item.
  • PvP zones at peace time are crazy active.
  • The cart is built and ready for action.

ArcheAge Farm Cart Build

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ArcheAge Farm Cart Build

September 20, 2014 - 18:18

The Farm Cart is the first step in getting a foothold on the land based trade pack runs. This design is a needed item to start making any serious money moving packs across your lands or even in an oceanic trade run to quickly exfiltrate the trade ship into carts for final delivery. This article will step you though building the cart on ArcheAge v1.2. This build was on September 20th, 2014. All prices reflected in the write up were auction house prices that day on the Harani side.

705 Walkthrough of the Farm Cart build and useage.

ArcheAge Farm Cart Build

On the path to maximizing my profits for gold, resources and land domination, the Farm Cart is an important step. The Farm Wagon and Farm Hauler aren’t in the game yet, both of which I had in Alpha and were very nice. The two main differences between them and the cart are the fact that the cart only holds 2 trade packs versus the four packs on the wagon and six packs on the hauler. Also, the cart doesn’t have the mass water ability like the other two have. Something of a nice secondary skill when you’re managing the amount of farm land our guild is managing.

Also, unlike the other two, this design is 50 gold from the general merchant. This is a welcome change because right now in game, it’s hard for us to run trade runs to Freedrich because we are still leveling up and the server is full of pirate wanna-be’s running around and ganking their same faction in war zones, trying to rack up crime points and make life generally difficult as a trader. I would participate more in PvP however the game just came out and generally the time to make money in a game like this is now. Pushing things like obtaining land, establishing auction house prices and supply lines along with alliances is a major time sink and something that if not done now, will hinder our progress later, PvP or not.

ArcheAge Farm Cart


Items Needed to Build the Farm Cart:

  1. (1) Farm Cart Design – 50 gold [General Merchant]

  2. (1) Thunderstruck Log – 150 gold or:

    1. Drop [1 Thunderstruck Tree = 4 Thunderstruck Logs]

  3. (2) Fine Lumber – 19 gold 50 silver each or 39 gold total or:

    1. Make [ 10 Lumber and 1 Small Seed Oil = 1 Fine Lumber]

  4. (1) Sturdy Ingot – 9 gold 98 silver or:

    1. Make [8 Iron Ingots, 1 Copper Ingot, 1 Silver Ingot, 1 Opaque Polish]

  5. (1) Archeum Ingot – 1 gold 22 silver

  6. (40) Lumber – 11 gold 16 silver or:

    1. Harvest – Depending on what trees, you can usually get this done with about 6 Aspen Trees planted on a scarecrow farm.

  7. (10) Iron Ingot – 39 silver or:

    1. I guess you could go mining, and if you are mining for iron, you’re fighting a losing battle. However if you’re mining for stone, just keep some of your iron ore and process it to ingots as they are used here and there. Don’t go mine this unless you are completely broke though. By the time you’ve used a hereafter stone to get there, one to get back and the time it will take you to get it, paying the 39 silver is well worth it.


Total cost for everything you’ll need is about 242 gold 25 silver.

Cart Assembly

Building the Farm Cart:

You’ll need to use a Carpentry Workbench to get this done. It’s under the Machining tab, vehicles. Right now it’s the only one that shows up as the other vehicles aren’t in game yet. You’ll need to make 4 cart wheels, 1 cart engine and 1 cart shaft. Once you’ve made all of those, you can then put the cart together again on the carpentry workbench.

Carpentry Workbench 

The Farm Cart is the first step in getting a foothold on the land based trade pack runs.

Building this only takes a minute or so, each component isn’t long to build and the final assembly of the unit is under 5 seconds. Once built, it will be in your backpack as a scroll just like a boat, mount or glider. It’s not trade-able once built, so make sure the final assembly is on the character you want the design to be bound to.

Cart Top View

Using the Farm Cart:

Click on the cart from either your backpack or bind it to a tool bar on your UI. It will spawn in however it needs a decent amount of open space to spawn in, so if you get the “need more space” message on the screen, try to find somewhere that doesn’t have a lot of things to get hung up on like trees, rocks or buildings.

Which brings me to my next topic, getting stuck. This thing gets stuck on EVERYTHING. Hit a rock, stuck. Hit a log, stuck. Go down a hill that’s too steep, stuck, go up a hill that’s also too steep, you guessed it, stuck. This thing would get stuck on just about anything, even things like bushes and other player’s mounts are susceptible to getting the cart stuck. One nice thing though is public transportation coaches. They basically just pass straight through you. I’m guessing they did this because the cart is so slow and some of the passes are narrow and you wouldn’t be able to get it out of the way in time. Also, keep in mind that crossing water is a huge chore for this thing as well. I made a trade run starting in Windscour and had to pass the 5 meter wide stream that crosses the road and it took me almost 3-4 minutes to get through it. Something to keep in mind if you will be traveling through a PvP zone.

Built Cart Usage

Final Thoughts:

If the wagon or hauler were in game, I’d definitely go for them, but they aren’t. We are only 8 days into the launch of the game, less if you don’t count my head start time. Today is the 20th of September, 2014 and the game launched on the 16th at 1pm CST (1 hour delay due to maintenance and server rebooting prior to launch).

Hauling any quantity of trade packs by land calls for a farm cart to be made. It’s travel speed of 4 m/s (6 m/s with eco fuel) is as good as the donkey but you get to carry 3 packs. One on your back and 2 in the cart. Plus if they can do it, friends can jump on and hitch a ride with packs on them as well. Something to think about when planning your planting cycles on your farms. I’ll be cutting out a small amount of plant-able space on each farm to devote to making trade packs and running them on continent to get the gold.

Even though I’m making awesome money farming and gathering, the trade runs break up the boredom and give you something else to do. You can also form awesome alliances during these runs. You can see how people react to danger, it gives you a common goal to achieve and in the end, people that can do on-continent trade runs will be a good group to start doing oceanic trade runs on boats.