• Ideal Scarecrow Garden Placement
  • Planting the items needed.
  • Quest pickup and travel to Arcum Iris Workbench
  • Arcum Workbench Location
  • Your journey starts here.
  • Making the Trade Pack
  • The long run begins.
  • Run to the Stage Coach and hitch a ride.
  • Falcorth travel
  • Falcorth Windstones
  • Run Forrest Run
  • Your destination is on the right.
  • Payday!
  • Quest complete!

Quest #1 - Trade Run: Arcum Iris to Falcorth

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Quest #1 - Trade Run: Arcum Iris to Falcorth

September 08, 2014 - 02:08
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The first quest in the four quest series to complete your Scarecrow Farm quest line, this is of course the easiest to make however don't let this quest fool you, a lot of mistakes can be made. If you call Haranya your home continent, this guide is for you.

Scarecrow Farm Quest Chain Guide 1 of 4

ArcheAge Haranya Scarecrow Farm Quest 1 of 4:

The quest line to get  your Scarecrow Farm is a chain of quests that all begin in Tigerspine Mountains by the public farm area at the southern center section of the map, better known as Anvilton. These quests result in a great deal of time and very little room for mistakes if you don't have gold to spare. However the reward of your 16x16 Scarecrow Farm and the potential gold to be made with this in-game tool is endless and necessary for any crafter, merchant or farmer in ArcheAge. This guid will step you through the whole first quest, what to grow, how much it will cost in silver and labor and where to start and end your trade pack run.


Before you can even start the quest line, you need to place your Scarecrow Garden. If you haven't done so already, you'll want to attempt to place it in the area that you recieved your quest. There is a housing district and scarecrow garden district (see map below) where you should try to place if you can. The zone is temprate, which most plants and animals thrive in, it's close to the quest giver and merchants needed to buy the next series of items you'll need to farm to make the packs, and even though you may need to travel to make the packs, you'll always start and end right in this area of the zone and it makes checking your crops and tending to your farm easier. It also is a major travel hub on the Haranya continent, so you'll always come through here, plus there is a memory tome there too, so it's an easy recall spot.

Scarecrow Garden Placement Prime Area

Quest 1 of 4 - Trade Run: Arcum Iris to Falcorth:

The Quest:

Craft Arcum Iris Lavaspice in Arcum Iris and take it to the Oxion Clan on Falcorth Plains. You may exchange it for Gold at a Gold Trader.

Collect enough flowers to make Dried Flowers. Then combine the Dried Flowers, Turmeric, and a Quality Certificate at an Arcum Iris Specialty Workbench to create Arcum Iris Lavaspice.

  • Craft Arcum Iris Lavaspice 0/1
  • Deliver Arcum Iris Lavaspice to a Gold Trader at the Oxion Clan in Falcorth Plains


  • XP - 1440
  • Coins 2Silver54Copper

Pick up quest here then travel the red line south out of the zone to Arcum Iris's Specialty Workbench:

Start at red dot and walk the red line to Arcum Iris Path to Arcum Iris Specialty Workbench

You are looking for the Specialty Workbench that looks like this:


Tip: Open your map by pressing M and de-select everything on the list, then select the infrastructure check box and only select the "Specialty Workbench" check box. It will make finding your destination easier.

Materials for the Arcum Iris Lavaspice Trade Pack:

Before you can even go to the workbench above, you'll need to have gathered all the materials needed to make this trade pack. These materials incluse:

  • 1 Quality Certificate
  • 50 Dried Flowers
  • 60 Turmeric

What to purchase and how much:

Gold at this level (you should be around level 12 - 14 by the time you are on this quest) is pretty scarce. Make sure you follow the guide or you'll run out of resources before you even complete the quest. Don't worry though, you'll recieve almost 5 gold for selling the trade pack and some silver for the quest turn-in.

Purchase the following:

  • 5 Blue Salt Knife - Bought from a General Merchant (Used to process the dried flowers) (50 Copper Each)*
  • 17 Turmeric seeds Bought from a seed Merchant (4 Silver Each)*
  • 17 Azalea Seeds Again from a seed Merchant (50 Copper Each)*
  • 1 Quality Certificate Bought from a General Merchant (50 Silver Each)*

* Prices were reflected from Open Beta on 9-7-14

Total Coin Spent:

79 Silver

Garden Planting and Theory:

Azaleas are the cheapest flowers to plant and they grow pretty quick. At 50 copper each, this is way better than the roses and other items in there.

You can easily get the above into your 8x8 with room to spare, so I suggest planting a round of barley (about 10) to make into grain for the next part of the quest when you need to feed your goslings.

Farm planting plot

Watering is optional. The Azaleas will grow in less than 30 minutes, no matter where you plant, without watering them. Watering them only takes a few minutes off the grow time. The Turmeric grows in arid climates, in my farm, they take about 4 hours to grow, watering will take 20 minutes off that timer and bring it to around 3 hours 36 minutes. Again, the 20 minutes is probably not the end of the world and you’ll serve yourself better if you go run a few quests and come back. At least you’ll be progressing and making gold through questing than trying to water and wait it out.

Fruits of Your Labor:

Each Azalea will net you between 2-4 flowers. You need to use 10 flowers of the same kind and a Blue Salt Knife to produce 12 dried flowers. So the equation looks like this:

1 Azalea = 3 (average) flowers x 17 planted = 51 flowers / 10 (production cost) = 5 x 12 = 60 dried flowers. If you want, you can purchase 14 azaleas and hope that your RnG procs enough to give you the amount you need and then purchase more if you don’t get it, however I don’t like waiting if I don’t have to so I figure I’ll sell the extra 10 or so I’ll get by over planting on the auction house for a healthy profit.

Labor Cost:

Planting on your garden / farm / house land is free labor, so that we don’t need to worry about. It’s going to cost you 1 labor point to harvest each azalea and another 5 labor points each time you process a stack of 10 azalea flowers to dried flowers with the knife. So that will be another 25 labor. 17 plants x 1 labor = 17 + 25 to process = 42 Labor for the Azaleas.

Planting the Turmeric is also free but it costs 3 labor to harvest. 17 planted x 3 labor each = 51 Labor for the Turmeric.

Making the pack will cost you 60 labor points.

Total Labor Cost: 153

Now you are ready to make the trade pack in Arcum Iris, but...

Before you go:

If you are trying to run these back to back. I would go ahead and purchase the needed items for the next quest and get them going. At the very least plant the barley so you have something to feed the goslings if you didn’t plant any barley in your first round of planting.  Ground grain was going for 1 Silver 25 copper each unit on the AH in open beta. Goose Down was going for 2 silver / unit on the AH in open beta.

The next quest requires 5 goslings that are going to take about 5+ hours to grow and you’ll need to pluck them 2 times each so you’ll need to feed them ground grain each time, thus the barley. You’ll need around 18 to 20 barley planted depending on your RnG luck again to make the ground grain to feed the goslings. Don’t even bother putting the goslings down without grain otherwise it’s a complete waste, you need to feed them pretty soon after planting them. You’ll also need some Blue Salt Knives again so you can make the harvested barley into ground grain. Last but not least you’ll need to plant about 18-20 Mushroom Spores to make the medicinal powder.

Watering the mushrooms when planted only takes about 15 minutes off the grow timer and seeing as the geese aren’t going to be ready for at least 5 hours, this is a complete waste of time. Just get it all in the ground and either start planting for the next quest line or double down, plant some extra of either the first quest or more of this upcoming quest to sell on the auction house. Early game players are going to come up short pretty frequently when it comes to planting, so having these items in the AH ready to sell is going to net you a nice profit.

Where to go:

To make the pack, do it where the map is circled, if you do it at the scarecrow farm area, you’ll need to travel through Arcum pretty far before you can get into Tigerspine and jump on the Stage Coach. Follow the arrows on the maps.

You can go south to the Stage Coach in Widesleeves but unless you're lucky, it's probably just about to leave the station so unless you can jump on it while it goes by, I suggest just sprinting up to the Stage Coach depot in Tigerspine Mountains.

Note: Red is on foot, blue is on Stage Coach.

Start Running

Tigerspine Run To Coach

Falcorth Travel

Special note: make sure you don’t run this quest. Traveling by foot, or even worse, by your mount, is EXTREMELY SLOW! Hitch a ride on the public transportation through each zone.

Now would be a good time to discuss transportation while hauling a trade pack. If you aren’t going to go to Mirage and buy a donkey (early game players won’t even have the cash for this) or buy one out of the cash shop (600 Credits, not a bad investment even though you get a donkey in the middle of these quest chains) make sure you catch the stage coach for each zone. They are listed on the map under “Transportation”. I’ll circle the ones that are of interest to you.

Also, when you get off the Stage Coach in Falcorth, you’ll still have a bit of a run but it’s not that bad. Look for the Windstones along the road to speed up your journey by right clicking on them when you move by.

Falcorth Windstones

It's a good day for a run

Finally deliver the trade pack to the Oxion Clan in Falcorth in the middle of the map. The turn in is the gold trader by the Zeppelin tower.

Are we there yet?

And you'll get the following for selling the trade pack. But remember, you have to wait 22+ hours before they send you the money. I don't know why but that's life in ArcheAge



After you’ve turned in the pack and gotten credit for the quest turn in, I’d either recall or teleport back to Tigerspine to get the turn in and the next quest.

Quest complete

One down, three more to go.