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Scarecrow Farm Quest Line

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Scarecrow Farm Quest Line

September 07, 2014 - 23:50
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The Scarecrow Farm is the largest private plant-able "scarecrow" plot in the game thus far. There is mechanics in the game to make a 24x24 however they won't be available by launch. The first few to get these farm on a server will have their choice of very valuable space, allowing them to control a nice trade route for items, gilda stars or gold. The Table of Syndicates have spent a good deal of time plotting out the path to get the farm from game launch. All of the contained data is from open beta on 9-7-14 just a few days prior to head start. Once a server's economy is established, this quest line won't be so difficult.

ArcheAge Quest for Farming Land

ArcheAge Scarecrow Farms and Gardens:

The scarecrow garden is the 8x8 meter private plantable space you will first get from doing the Blue Salt Brotherhood quests in Tigerspine Mountains. This first garden is your stepping stone into a world of farming, gathering and crafting that ArcheAge is basically built around. Player crafted items in this game are the top tier items, or at least they were at the time of this writing. Gardens are nice but if you have any desire to actually craft or build in this game, you'll need to get your Scarecrow Farm. The quest line isn't that difficult on an established server as you can purchase all the mats from the auction house. However we are prepping for head start, 4 days prior to game launch, so being able to put down the crops we need in the right order is key. Anyone following us that also doesn't have the gold or doesn't want to spend the gold will also find this guide valuable. Again, the time of writing is 9-7-14, in open beta access. We played Alpha, closed beta and open beta and the drops, needed materials and quest line didn't change at all, so this should be pretty solid information.


Even if you aren’t going to do the Scarecrow Farm Quests right away, you might as well start planting for them so you can get them done as soon as you want to. First thing you’ll need to do is to place your 8x8 Scarecrow Garden that you got as a reward after the crafting quest line completed prior to picking up this quest.

I suggest placing your garden in the direct vicinity of the quest line you’ll be returning to each time you pick up a new line in the chain. All of the quests for the farm start and end in Tigerspine Mountains by the southern end of the map. If you start the game early enough and are able to place your 8x8 farm here, you’ll be better off, especially in the beginning of the game when the auction house isn’t going to have the items you need to complete these quests. The zone is temperate, which most of the plants and animals in this game prefer, and it’s a nice place for a garden / farm as most if not all things you’ll need will be close by. Auction house, vendors, public transportation and Tigerspine Mountains is pretty much a low level hub where all other zones surrounding it are also about the level you are at the time you get the garden.

Players usually want the easy way out, you can use that to your money making advantage by planting some of the harder items to grow and selling them on the early auction house.

Once you get the garden down, make sure to build it. You get all the materials needed to make it private. If you don’t build out the scarecrow, anyone can pull up your planted items. Once done, set the permissions to the farm as you see fit, just don’t put it on public.

After you’ve built the garden, I would read through the next section to at least get the stuff you will need for the first trade pack planted or to start exploiting the early game auction house. Players that are rushing to 50 or too lazy to do the research will be willing to drop some coin on the mats needed to complete the quest line for the farm. This is where this write up comes to life.

Prices for Materials Needed for Scarecrow Farm Quest Line:

This list is in order with the proper end quantity needed to complete the whole line:

  1. 4 x Quality Certificates - Purchased from General Merchants anywhere in any zone. 50 Silver each.
  2. 20 - 30 Blue Salt Knife - Purchased from General Merchants anywhere in any zone. 50 Copper each. Used to process spices, flowers and grains to their end result. Total amount depends on your RnG luck.
  3. 50 x Dried Flowers - Grown from flowers in the game. Azaleas are the cheapest to grow and the fastest. Process the picked flowers to make dried flowers with a Blue Salt Knife.
  4. 60 x Turmeric - Grown from Turmeric Seed. Purchased from Seed Merchants anywhere in the game. 4 Silver each. 4 Hour grow time in any environment. Native to arid climates, one of a very short list of arid plants.
  5. 50 Medicinal Powder - Grown from Mushroom Seed. Purchased from Seed Merchants anywhere in the game. 1 Silver 40 Copper each. 2 Hour grow time, any climate plant.
  6. 20 Ground Grain - Grown from grain plants in the game. Barley is the preferred plant so far with it's quick grow time and decent output. 75 Coppe each. Produces about 2-4 barley grain / plant. Needed to feed goslings.
  7. 30 Goose Down - Grown from goslings. Purchased from Livestock Merchants anywhere in the game. 12 Silver each. 5 Hours 45 minutes to mature, 3 hours +/- between each harvest. Needs ground grain to eat at the time of placement.
  8. 50 Chopped Produce - Grown from several produce seeds. Potatoes are the choice crop because of its fast grow time and extremely cheap price. Purchased from Seed Merchants anywhere in the game. 25 Copper each. Currently selling in the auction house for 22 silver each, pretty sweet markup.
  9. 30 Grapes - Grown from Grape Vine. Purchased from Sapling Merchants anywhere in the game. 4 Silver each. 5 Hours 45 minutes to mature and 4 hours 18 minutes between each harvest. Larger space to grow and longer harvest time than most of the rest of the items for the quest chain. Should be a valuable resource in the game. Also makes other trade packs.
  10. ANOTHER 50 Chopped Produce - Grown from several produce seeds. Potatoes are the choice crop because of its fast grow time and extremely cheap price. Purchased from Seed Merchants anywhere in the game. 25 Copper each. Currently selling in the auction house for 22 silver each, pretty sweet markup.
  11. 10 Bananas - Grown from banana trees. Purchased from Sapling Merchants anywhere in the game. 16 Silver each. 1 Day 2 Hours to mature. 14 Hours 18 minutes between harvests. Longest timer for both maturity and harvest in the quest line. About as big as grapes but should fetch a pretty price on the early Auction House due to its time intensive and space consuming characteristics.

<blockquote>Scarecrow Farms are a huge step up in not only production but status as a crafter. It's not just double the space but it's the ability to grow things like trees and large animals that really shows the true value of the farm.</blockquote>

Prices will be volatile at the beginning and most people will just be starting out, so now would be the time to exploit the above items. Due to the nature of Chopped Produce and things like Bananas and Grapes, I would focus on the grown items and just forget about making money with goslings. Animals not only need attention, but they get sick, and if all you have is the garden and its early in the game, you have no way to cure them, plus, goose down will be more profitable if you can pump out mass quantity, not the minute numbers you'll get from them this early on. Focusing on items that either produce items or die out is easy.

Auction House Prices:

Upon writing this article, the Open Beta auction house was already booming as all the closed beta characters were copied over to open beta. Plus the fact that I was looking at prices at the end of a 4 day open beta where most everyone that wanted to get a taste for the game played all weekend. As I write this sentence, it's 12 hours almost to the second until open beta is shut down, the servers are wiped and Head Start is on the horizon. However to get a decent baseline on prices, here is a list of what I found.

Ground Grain: 1 Silver 25 – 40 Copper Each: Used to feed goslings. Most will forget this and need to emergency purchase.

Goose Down: 2 Silver 0 – 20 Copper Each: The grow time and harvest time for this material is long and most will want to skip this if they can.

Dried Flowers: 2 Silver Each: Needed for first trade pack quest. Many will probably skip planting this if they can to start on the 2nd quest as it takes so long for the goose down.

Turmeric: 4 Silver 40 Copper Each: Longer grow time and used in other items. Valuable resource.

Grapes: 2 Silver Each: Grapes are needed for the 3rd trade pack run for the quest line. Grapes are large and take up a lot of room, so if you aren’t going to do the Scarecrow farm quest line right away, this would be another good source of income from your garden seeing as most won’t have them planted prior to the 3rd quest due to space needs for the rest of the items.

Chopped Produce: WASN’T EVEN ON THE AH!!

Potato: 22 Silver Each: Cost to profit with time factored in, this is probably the best ratio in the game right now. Potatoes grow quick, sell for a lot and are used not only in the 3rd Scarecrow farm quest, are used for chopped vegetables, which is in a lot of other items. Seen as a nuisance item to plant due to the fact that they take up valuable land to plant, especially in relation to the longer term grow items like bananas, potatoes are a sure way to make quick silver / gold in the early stages of the game.

Bananas: 6 Silver 50 Copper – 7 Silver Each: Tree takes 1 Day 1 Hour 42 Minutes to grow and 14 Hours between harvesting. Bananas are needed for the final quest across the ocean with the trade pack. Bananas will be heavily in need as many will die going on this quest, time to grow is super long and banana trees take up a decent amount of space in the garden. I would think these will go for even more the first few weeks as the AH was pretty overloaded with these by the time I did a price check.

Thoughts on the Auction House Plays:

I would think that bananas would sell for much more than what they were going at the time of writing this. 7 Ish silver is just not enough in relation to how much space they take and how long it takes between harvests. Potatoes going for 22 silver EACH (OMG) was the clear winner and to be honest, I've played this game about 350 hours already and I just don't see why they go for so much but I'll for sure be giving that a shot when I launch. You can even plant potatoes in public farms right away at the beginning of the Scarecrow Garden quest line.

Grapes, something that takes up about the same amount of room as bananas at least has a 4 hour window to harvest between each crop. Even though the price was reduced on the Open Beta servers, I know for a fact that they are used in other items that are of value and are consumable like making orchard puree. I would think that 5 Silver per grape is more in line with what you would find when selling on a fresh server / at game launch. I'm sure it will tone back when more people get their farms down and protected space is more plentiful.

If you are in an arid climate with your garden for whatever reason, turmeric is the plant of choice, just due to its arid loving nature. If you are a player that doesn't play that much, turmeric won't need to be picked quickly after it matures post grow cycle, so you can "set it and forget it" if you will.

Grains like barley and rice are a good crop and produce consumable resources that will always have a value. If you are looking for a quick growing crop, that's it. Barley grows in under 30 minutes, doesn't need to be watered (you can but you only knock off like 6 minutes of grow time) and produces ground grain that is needed by people growing geese, chickens and ducks. Plus you will start to get hay bales, something farmers need to make combined feed to grow larger livestock like cows and yatas.

Gilda Stars seem to the novice to be the sought after currency in the game but Alpha and Beta testing proved that gold trumps all. Gilda Star items are tradable so frequently people will go to Mirage Island to buy you want you want, for a price. Gold of course.

Your initial auction house rush won't be the same as your day to day cash crops once the server is a bit more established. Things like cotton and wood will become the go-to resources for farming due to ships being built, houses being built and people leveling crafting skills like tailoring, carpentry and other things. Plus the large guilds albeit more self-sufficient, will still utilize the auction house to source some items and if you can be a go-to resource provider, you'll never go without in this game.

Follow the rest of the guide for a quest by quest write-up on what to grow when, how to get your HEAVY trade packs to their destination safely and what to do once you get there.

=705= Amithus