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ToS ArcheAge Launch

August 30, 2014 - 14:00
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The Table of Syndicates has been heavily preparing for the ArcheAge launch coming up in September of 2014. We've researched power leveling through quests, gathering, farming, house building and ship building. We are excited to begin the launch on the right foot and follow our game goals.

Table of Syndicates ArcheAge Gaming

Table of Syndicates ArcheAge Launch and Gameplay

Table of Syndicates ArcheAge Launch Info:

The Table of Syndicates will be heavily involved with ArcheAge. Some of us participated in Alpha and Closed Beta, others will be starting upon Head Start and others will be starting on Launch Day.

Today, Friday, August 30th 2014, Trion and XL Studios announced that ArcheAge will launch on Tuesday the 16th of September. <strong>The Head Start for all founders pack members will begin on Friday, September 12th, 2014.

Go and get your ArcheAge Founders Pack now before they close down sales or it doesn't matter. You can buy early access all the way up to the 16th. I suggest doing this as the 4 day head start will be VERY IMPORTANT!! If you plan to participate in Launch, even the $50 founders pack is worth it as you will get $20 worth of cash shop money, the 4 day head start and 30 days of patron status. Patrons are the only people that can own land and place farms in the game, so if you think even for a second this is something you want to do, the monthly sub will be $15, so in the end, the $50 pack is only $15 more than you would spend on those items, plus you get a glider right away which will aid in leveling. The other packages are even better deals as the Glass Phoenix Glider is REALLY awesome, the extra Evenstones and Hearafter stones (10 Each) are nice and the added patron time is just money in the bank.

ArcheAge Patron Status:

Remember, Patron status gives you:

  1. The ability to place farms, gardens and houses.
  2. An increase of double the labor / day. Without the patron status, you've got no hope of farming or gathering enough to make decent money, at least at the beginning when the auction house is desprately empty and you can't buy the secondary materials to make your packs.
  3. An XP boost while leveling, questing, killing mobs and farming / gathering.
  4. Loyality tokens to use in the loyality shop. There are some nice things in there like Explorers Chests and Merchant's Chests, both of which have the ability to drop Gilda Stars and nice loot along with Gold / Silver.

Depending on what you've read and where you've been, you'll hear some people say how the game runs poorly, but this is just not the case. Most people that are playing WoW or some other MMO right now don't understand that their 5 year old computers aren't going to play this game well. The Physics in the game along really call for a nice video card. You don't need a $2000 rig to play the game but at the very least make sure you are in a Core 2 Quad or higher, we recommend an I class Intel Processor with a graphics card of the last few years in technology.

ArcheAge Open Beta, Launch Day and Head Start:

  • Open Beta starts on Thursday, September 8th at 10am PDT (GMT -7).
  • Head Start will be on Friday,September 12th at 10am PDT (GMT -7).
  • Game launch for general population will be on Tuesday, September 16th at 10am PDT (GMT -7).


More ToS ArcheAge Information:

Contained in the ArcheAge section and anything under the ArcheAge tags is all the information we were able to get up about ArcheAge. We will be adding more content as we progress, hopefully being able to share some valuable information about game play, how-to articles and general information about the game. Come join us for some ArcheAge fun. Jump in our TeamSpeak server and get to know us. If you live in the Minneapolis, MN area, we would really love to hear from you. We pride ourselves on being a group that can and does interact both in and out of game play. Even if you aren't from our area, feel free to drop by and join us. We have many goals and plans for leveling, acquiring land, PvP, trade and battles with ships and castles.

Also, feel free to contribute to this website. Submit an article to and we will create you a profile on this website so you can get credit for your work. Alternatively, you can jump into our TeamSpeak 3 Server and talk with us about your ideas.