Introducing Table of Syndicates

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Introducing Table of Syndicates

June 17, 2014 - 03:47
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Table of Syndicates has been a close knit gaming community since 1994. With the introduction of Ultima Online, guilds became popular and a few of us that played the game in real life decided back then that being able to trust your closest guild members was the best means to ensure your priorities were met and that in the end, no one would betray their guild. This is our story and what we are about.

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The Beginning

It all started back in the Ultima Online days. A few of us were working at a Best Buy store and we were following the Ultima Online game launch. I was 16 at the time, and this would be the first of its kind to hit the market. Not really knowing the true magnitude of the day and what that game brought to the globe by way of technology and game style, I at least knew that teaming up with a few friends would be our best bet to achieve the realm domination we were looking to acquire. So we needed to figure out a guild name, something that, at least at the time, sounded like what we wanted to be "about" in the game. Our main focus was PKing and land dominance. The term griefing wasn't out yet but as a 16 year old boy with a PvP game as brutal as UO, the most fun I had in a game was taking over someone's house by means of stalking them, killing them outside their house in-game, taking their key and proceeding to ransack their goods. We built an empire on that. It was a bi-polar thing though, we would run into total strangers and friend them, bring them in and help them but then the next person we saw was dead on the spot. I don't know what the deciding factor was at the time but I remember how much fun it was to play with friends after school and then go to class the next day and plan our new strategy for that evening's conquests.

As time went on our game play evolved, playing games like Everquest, Shadowbane, Guild Wars and many other MMORPGs. Our love for shooters was also intense, starting with Duke Nukem, Marathon, Wolfenstein, Halo 1,2 and 3, Battlefield, BF Vietnam, BF 2, BF3, COD (pretty much all of them) and all the way up to today's block buster titles BF4 and COD Ghosts.

As years pass, we bring in some people and lose some others. We've joined other guilds to progress and sometimes to plunder. We've never lost our identity but being a smaller group, sometimes assimilating into another group is the best tactic. But because we are mostly real life friends, the bond that brought us together and through our love and passion for gaming, we have been able to achieve many things. We ran a computer and LAN gaming center for 6 years full time as a business. DC Computer Mods & Gaming in Burnsville, MN was a 500 seat LAN center that had events once a month. Sponsors were Nvidia, Intel, Thermaltake, EVGA and a few others. The local Rock radio station, 93X would come for the events with prizes and other give aways. BAWLS, Monster and Full Throttle were in full attendance as well.

We've never lost our identity...

When it was time to move on though, we never split up. Continuing to play as much as we could. Some got married, kids, houses and careers. Some left to move elsewhere for either work or to follow their dreams, but in the end, we have always tried to stay in contact with each other.

The Journey to Today

I've always meant to put a website up. We have owned off and on for years, always aiming to do something with it but never getting around to it. We've wanted a way to share our gaming knowledge with whomever wanted to read it. A place where past and present member can see what we're up to and try to remain in contact better. A few of us now own a Corporate IT company that services business clients in the Minneapolis, MN area, so we have the know how to do this, so finally we are doing it. Content may be sporadic and will bounce around as we bounce between games but now is a better time than any to do this. I feel that there have been many lost opportunities and stories because we are lacking our website and web presence. I also feel that we may have been more able to keep in contact with remote members better if we had highlights of what's going on at the time.

So this is it, love it or hate it, we're going to put it up and see where it goes.

We are starting this website right in the middle of the ArcheAge game launch. Most of us played Alpha or Beta and we're looking forward to our head start on September 12th. Much of the content will reside on these topics to start however we all play DayZ (Beta), WoW, BF4, PR and many other games, so the content will arrive as it gets written. I hope that most of the members will contribute an article here and there about the game they are passionate in.