Table of Syndicates Rust Server Rules

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Table of Syndicates Rust Server Rules

August 25, 2015 - 10:55
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Table of Syndicates gaming community welcomes all new players to our community and our new Rust Experimental server. Please read the below rules carefully as admins will enforce them.

Table of Syndicates Rust Server Rules

Table of Syndicates Rust server rules


Light role play based server expectations


KOS Definition for Table of Syndicates Rust server

  1. Killing a player that is a fresh spawn i.e. naked with a rock, we do not tolerate killing of fresh spawns or camping areas known to be a spawn point for new players.

We expect that players on this server will behave in a manner similar to how they would in a real situation as expressed in the game world “example”.

  1. When interacting with people in the general world we expect that you will take the situation at hand into account before you attack or kill a player.

  2. If you see someone collecting resources you should not attempt to attack them or kill them without some kind of interaction first.

  3. If you run into a player in the world that does not have a weapon out there is no reason for you to attack them without talking to them first or just simply avoiding them all together. Conversely if they are running around with a weapon drawn or visible they are presenting a hostile situation and can be killed with no communication.


We frown on players hunting other players without cause, if you feel you have been wronged by a player i.e. they have raided you stolen from you or otherwise harmed you we will condone any action you take against them in that circumstance.

While we do look down on people killing other players without cause will not ban players for killing other players that are established in the world.

Please use your best judgement when attacking players in the world as many new people are coming into the game and we as a community would like to help provide them with what we feel is the spirt of the game RUST. This server has 8 admins that are actively playing on the server the will act in a moderation capacity in most situations. We expect the community playing on the server to work together to resolve most situations however the admins will intervene when appropriate to moderate conversation related to problems between players, assist new players with information related to the game and/or rules and to help facilitate community events hosted on the server.

Bans and admin decisions: TOS Admins do not operate in a traditional admin capacity, they are moderators first so they will not hand out bans for just anything. They will first talk with the parties involved and work to discover what the root problem/cause is to help find a resolution without removing a player from the game world. If an admin demes a players behavior to be out of the spirit of the game or rules of the server and have first talked with the offending player to help inform and rectify the situation they may and will ban that player from the server through Steam ID. All admin bans are final as they will only use as a last resort to an extreme situation.


How to contact an admin in game

To contact an admin in game use the in game chat function and politely ask if an admin can assist you with your issue. Please insert a brief but detailed description of what the situation or problem is. DO NOT attempt to TROLL or cry wolf with an admin as this may result in negative action being taken.


How to contact an admin via email

Please email problems or issues for admin review to the below email only if you cannot get an admin in game during your play session. Please contact Table of Syndicates administration at with a detailed professional email containing a description of the issue, time and date of the issue and any players involved in the issue. Emails sent in that are not spellchecked, worded in the “wall of text” format or poorly structured will not be answered.

Table of Syndicates admins and server owners are business professionals that do not have the time to deal with poorly constructed correspondence via email and will not respond in this type of case.

If you attempt to spam the admin mailbox server administrators will blacklist your email and recommend the domain for PBL “Public blacklist”



Table of Syndicates gaming community!

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