ArcheAge Multi-Purpose Aging Larder and Larder Pack Payouts

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ArcheAge Multi-Purpose Aging Larder and Larder Pack Payouts

December 08, 2014 - 20:15

ArcheAge’s Multi-Purpose Aging Larders are a huge step up in the gold to pack and gold to labor ratio and an awesome way to make hundreds of gold per trip, especially with your Farm Hauler. In this article, I’ll briefly go over the multi-purpose aging larder’s creation, usage, harvesting and turn-in along with the amount you can expect to get for each larder pack turned in.

ArcheAge Aging Larder Trade Packs

ArcheAge Multi-Purpose Aging Larder

If you have played ArcheAge more than a few hours, I’m sure you’ve seen the aging larders on other players’ land. Aging larders look like small wooden structures with a stone base, usually with something under the small wooden roof. The aging larder is a trade pack runner’s best friend in the gold department. As we stepped up production on regular trade packs, we quickly saw how fast you can burn through 5000 labor, between making the seed bundles, growing and harvesting the crops, making the packs and turning in the packs, the labor consumption for a full day’s worth of pack running was in the neighborhood of 25,000 labor. Something needed to give, we couldn’t ask our guild members to sap 2,000 to 3,000 labor daily, they weren’t getting anything else done for their characters, so it was time to look into larders, something I didn’t get into during my time in alpha. The main reason being, yes it takes 3 days to mature to a trade pack, but while you wait for the larders you can do other things like fish or run regular packs, or it simply frees up time to go PvP, explore, gank or whatever else you enjoy doing in game.

ArcheAge Aging Larder

Making the Multi-Purpose Aging Larder

Multi-Purpose Aging Larders are made on a Farmer’s Workbench. These items take 5 stone, 5 lumber, 5 iron ingots and 6 Shatigon’s Blessings and 50 labor. The skill used to make the Aging Larder is husbandry, so if you plan on doing a lot of larders, the husbandry skill is very important as most of the items you will gather to put in the larder are also based in the husbandry tree like honey (bee hives), milk and of course, the larder its self. At max level husbandry, it only takes 39 labor to make a larder, a very sizable labor reduction for creating the larder. Turning the larder into a gold trader in pack form is still commerce though, so you’ll want to let that level as well.

Making the ArcheAge Aging Larder

Filling the Aging Larder

Once you’ve made the larders you want to put on your land, the next step is “planting” it and filling it with items. So far, I’ve found that you can get 8 larders on a 16x16 scarecrow farm and 12 on a thatched farmhouse (in any configuration, angled or straight placed).

Once the larder is down, you have 10 minutes to put something in it to “age” so make sure you have enough of your mats to fill it or you’ll lose an expensive item to the timer gods. The three kinds of larders you can make are:

Aged Honey: 5 Honey and 5 Straw Bundles (Hay Bale)

Aged Cheese: 30 Milk and 10 Lemons

Aged Salve: 40 Ginseng and 20 Olives

ArcheAge Aged Honey 

ArcheAge Aged Cheese Larder

ArcheAge Aged Salve Larder

At the time of writing this, the Aged Salve larder is not even close to economical to plant. Ginseng is going for about 10 to 11 silver each on the auction house and the seeds are 20 silver each, olives too are an expensive choice so the total base cost of the Aged Salve is way too high to make the pack something to consider, especially when you could just sell the mats on the auction house and make a good amount just from selling the base mats. Again as I’ve stated many times in other articles, factoring in the base “cost” for the material needs to take the auction house price potential of the items, meaning if something is selling for 50 silver on the AH, then it’s base potential is 50 silver, even if your total cost was only 10 silver. You’d be better off selling it on the AH for a profit than spending all the labor and time creating whatever you were going to create from it, of course unless you NEED it, but we’re talking about larders here and for now, the Aged Salve larder is just not worth it time and cost wise.

So we’ll focus on the Aged Honey and Aged Cheese. If you’ve run packs already you know that the amount of gold you get drops the more of one pack you or someone else turns into the same gold trader, so you don’t want to make all honey or all cheese if you’re going to put down more than 10 larders, unless you don’t want to farm any one material. If you plant bee hives, you will get about 27 honey / bee hive every 3 days, so that’s a bit more than 5 larders worth of honey from one bee hive. The straw bundles come from gathering seed bundles or buying it on the auction house, and they are cheap so if you don’t plant seed bundles, don’t worry, they are always on the AH for cheap and you don’t need many.

As for the Aged Cheese larder, the 30 milk and 10 lemons are easy too. One cow pen (the only way to go if you need milk) will net you about 45-48 milk / 6 hour cycle, plus you’ll get about 8-9 fresh fertilizer (which combined with hay bales) makes the eco-friendly fuel, something very nice for running packs as it speeds up deliver time by increasing speed of your farm wagon / cart / hauler by 1.5 m/s and if you’re making the fuel yourself then that’s even more money in your pocket, especially with fuel costing about 60 silver / use and you only get 9 minutes of “fuel time” per 1 fuel on a land based farm vehicle. The lemons are also easy and net you about 3-4 / tree every 11.5 hours (non-temperate) or 8 ish hours in temperate zones.

Growing and Turning in the Aging Larder

So you’ve made the larder, placed the larder, filled the larder, now what? Well it takes 3 days for the aging process to complete. Basically what this means is you now have 3 days to do something else, like fishing, PvP, having fun, etc.. Which is why we’ve switched over to larder packs. Our farm lands were taking up all of our time and labor and were costing us a lot of worker’s compensation potions to keep up with regular packs. Price wise, gathering alone is not cutting it really anymore except for a select few items and if we focus on those items we’ll crash the auction house value of them faster than we can get rid of all the materials, so larders are our way of making money without being wrapped up in farming / gathering all day.

Placing the Aging Larder

Once the larder has aged for 3 days, it’s has a sparkle to it, meaning that it’s time to pick, plus it will show on the hover over tool tip that it’s ready to be picked. You have a little less than 3 days to pick the larder after its aged after which I don’t know what happens and I don’t care to find out.

One thing that’s confusing to people is what happens next, and this is where I think I can help. If you go to the vocation tab in your bottom right screen and you look up the trade routes and their respective payouts, you’ll see the regular packs for a zone and their percentage however under that you’ll see the aging larder packs as well. Whatever zone you planted the larder in is the zone in which you’ll get the payout for, so if you place the larder to age in Silent Forest, it will become Silent Forest Aged XYZ (XYZ being whatever material you used in your larder). You can then use the payout spreadsheet below to figure out where its best to turn in at. Make your decision on where to turn it in and go “Pick” your larder. Keep in mind that when you pick your larder it turns into a trade pack right there, meaning you’ll either need to pick it and place it down on your land for later delivery or have a means to transport your larder pack to the zone / gold trader you’re looking to turn in at.

ArcheAge Aging Larder Trade Packs

Aging Larder Trade Pack Payouts

So down to the dollars and cents. Below are larder pack payouts with starting and ending zones. Keep in mind that the larders that are in red are PvP zones, so there is an element of danger in running the pack and it’s probably best done during peace time or with a group.

ArcheAge East Faction Larder Pack Payout

ArcheAge West Faction Larder Pack Payouts


Final Thoughts

If you’re looking for high payout packs that don’t suck up all your labor, be like the rest of us and start running larders. You’ll find that because it takes so long to make the larder that when it’s time to turn in, the payout is usually at 130% or close to it. Make sure you’re turning in at a decent spot as the potential cost of the larder is usually high mainly due to the fact that honey, milk, ginseng all go for good money alone on the auction house and you still need the materials to make the larder like stone and wood which at the time of writing this are still going for somewhat of a premium on all servers.

Larder Payments

So save yourself some labor and time, plant down some larders and expand your ArcheAge horizons by trying other things in the game while you wait for your packs to mature.


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