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ToS Guest Bloggers and Writers

November 14, 2014 - 15:31
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The Table of Syndicates website is looking for you! Become a guest blog writer or article writer on anything video game related.

Become a guest writer for our website!

Become a Table of Syndicates Guest Writer

Hello everyone and thank you for your time. I wanted to open up an invitation to everyone out there that has always wanted to write an article or guest blog on video gaming or game related content. We are currently looking for anyone that has an interest in providing rich content for this site. Of course a username and identity will be provided for you so you can take credit and links to your own project will also be accepted as long as it's appropriate and within the confines of our site's narrative.

How to become a content provider:

You can either email me directly at: or jump into our TeamSpeak 3 Server at and talk with us. We are always looking to expand our content and would love to talk with you about your vision.

Don’t worry if you need help cleaning up your content or proofing your article or blog post, we will take care of that for you. All content must be original and contain content written by you for this website. No copy write infringement will be allowed nor will we plagiarize any other site’s content.

What you will get:

  • Your choice of screen name / identity.

  • A link and mention to your own project.

  • Technical assistance in posting your content and access to server hosting space.

  • Visibility on a growing website.

  • Assistance in proofing and uploading your final content.

  • An awesome outlet for your gaming knowledge.

Why we are doing this:

As I said in the About Us section, we are looking to provide an avenue for knowledge of in-game and general game related information as it relates to the gamer. Yes, there are tons of other sites out there but we feel that our site will add value and substance to this community and culture. Our combined experience in Information Technology along with computer hardware, troubleshooting and maintenance is over 40 years total. Most of us have been playing video games since they were first hooked up to a TV and even more of us have been computer gamers since the 386 era of personal computers, some dating back to the Commodore 64 and Apple 2e. We’ve seen some really awesome moments in video gaming history, had a lot of fun being a part of a growing culture and we want to share that experience with others to enjoy as well.

We are not doing this to monetize the website in any way. We want to provide content to people looking for our style of writing and in this area of the internet. Fresh viewpoints and articles only help this vision come to reality.

Contact me for more information and to get started.