ArcheAge Rumbling Archeum Tree and Flashy Racing Kit

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ArcheAge Rumbling Archeum Tree and Flashy Racing Kit

November 12, 2014 - 04:02

ArcheAge has introduced a Rumbling Archeum Tree Sapling into the game through a purchase in the cash shop of a Flashy Racing Kit. The Rumbling Archeum Tree Sapling drops from a cash shop box called a Flashy Racing Kit that costs 420 cash shop credits to purchase. Many players are selling these on the auction house as well for around 35 gold per tree. The cost of the tree may differ on your auction house group, I reside on Namia, so check your prices. Like it or hate it, this tree has introduced a LOT more archeum to the game as well as Thunder Struck Trees. In this article, I will go over the Rumbling Archeum Tree, the drop rate I got from planting 47 of these trees, the drop rate of the tree from the Flashy Racing Kit cash shop item and the profitability of both the tree and cash shop box.

ArcheAge Rumbling Archeum Tree Going Thunderstruck

ArcheAge Rumbling Archeum Trees and the Flashy Racing Kit

Like it or hate it, the Rumbling Archeum Tree is now in the game. When I logged into the servers after work on Friday, November 7th, 2014, I was greeted with a message from my guild mates telling me that Trion made good on their promise that all credit packs were going to have 10% more for founders, and they made the decision to retro actively pay anyone that bought credits the 10% on all previous purchases, even the founders packs and starter packs. Thank you Trion for making this right, and your timing was perfect. As soon as I logged into the game I took what credits I had and was going to purchase things like tax certificates and labor potions but my buddy told me about the Flashy Racing Kits. For 420 cash shop credits, you can get a box that has a chance to drop a lot of cool stuff along with the new Rumbling Archeum Tree Sapling. Rumor had it that this tree also had a very high chance to go Thunderstruck along with the fact that it only drops Archeum Crystals, not dust, so these things are literally worth their weight in gold!

ArcheAge Rumbling Archeum Tree Sapling ArcheAge Flashy Racing Kit

One of the main gripes I hear from players is that the Rumbling Archeum Tree comes as a drop from a cash shop item, and yes, I can see where this may be a concern that XL Games and Trion are trying to do another cash grab, but in Korea, this tree is purchasable by its self in the cash shop, so this isn’t a Trion decision. Plus, the tree sapling is not bound to the character, meaning there are plenty of them on the auction house for about 33 to 36 gold per sapling. So even though you can’t grind for one, you can get one without the need to purchase from the cash shop.

Now at first, after confirming that the thunderstruck chance was about 10%, I was a bit upset. Our guild has a lot of grow-able real-estate in the game, and we thunderstruck “troll” (what we call mass planting trees to get a chance at a thunderstruck) almost every night. Thunderstruck trees was one of our best cash crops and thanks to these new tree saplings, thunderstruck prices are now about 250 gold / TS tree. However Chymera, said it best; “If only one or two items control the economy due to massive cost, it depresses the rest of the game along with frustrating people and keeping base material prices depressed as well.” He’s right, the price of thunderstruck trees and archeum were depressing the economy in the game so bad that if you weren’t producing those items now and then, you were on a very uphill battle.

Looking at the economy now, base materials easily farmed on a single scarecrow farm and garden have risen in price, making purchasing land more accessible to players that maybe don’t have a house or thatched farm house yet.

There is the Hasla token weapons and Auroria armor drops as well to consider. Crafting was pretty much killed with the release of the Hasla Tier 2 and 3 weapons and crafters were pissed off. Why would someone buy an Epherium grade weapon for 12,000 gold or more when they could just grind out the tier 2 and 3 Hasla weapons and in a few days to maybe a week, have a “welfare” weapon pretty close to an epherium grade crafted? Well let me tell you, they didn’t. Now with the archeum prices around 1/6th the price they were before, epherium grade weapons are now 1300 to 2000 gold and this needed to happen.

Table of Syndicates Rumbling Archeum Tree Farm

Rumbling Archeum Tree Drop Rate

I purchased 10 Flashy Racing Kits from the cash shop on Friday, November 7th, 2014 and the drop rate was over 100% for a few hours. However at some point in the evening, the Namia server came down and I am pretty sure I say the rest of my auction house group come down around the same time as well, to what seems like a server restart, probably fixing the drop rate because I opened another group of 10 on Saturday and the drop rate was now under 100%. So for this article, I decided to buy 30 Flash Racing Kits again from the cash shop and record every drop I got. So at 6:45 pm on Sunday, November 9, 2014 (central time), I opened the 30 boxes and here’s what I got:

  • 24 Rumbling Archeum Tree Saplings

  • 70 Glider Smoke Screens

  • 60 Eco-Friendly Fuel

  • 60 Flaming Pinions

  • 8 Brisk Dwarven Elixers (10% Movement Speed Increase for 60 Minutes)

  • 4 Exquisate Dwarven Elixer (500 Labor – No Cooldown)

  • 4 Greedy Dwarven Elixer (10% Drop Rate Increase 60 Minutes)

  • 2 Studious Dwarven Elixer (10% XP Increase 60 Minutes)

  • 8 Blue Rare Armor Regrade Scroll

  • 3 Blue Rare Weapon Regrade Scrol

  • 1 Blue Rare Accessory Regrade Scroll

  • 4 Crest Brainstorm (Make your own crest in-game)

  • 2 Companion Crust (50,000 XP To Your Pet)

If I were to auction this all off today, the total (before the 10% AH fee) would be 1,111 gold 13 silver. Not bad but we can do better. Please keep in mind, the 24 rumbling archeum tree saplings are priced currently at 31 gold each for a total of 744 gold total for the rumbling archeum trees.

Also, the drop rate for the Rumbling Archeum Tree Saplings was 80%

Growing the Rumbling Archeum Tree Sapling

After arranging my bags with all the stuff I got from the Flashy Racing Kits, I went ahead and planted the Rumbling Archeum Tree Saplings on a few of our properties. You don’t need any Auroria Mineral Water or anything else to grow the tree. The tree has a 1 hour timer, grows in any zone and rolls for thunderstruck at the end of the grow cycle, or at least that’s what I’ve heard from others and what I also recorded myself. Out of the 24 trees planted, I got 3 thunderstruck trees for a drop rate of 12.5%. When I planted the other trees I got on Friday night, I got 5 thunderstruck trees from 47 planted, a 10.2% thunderstruck chance. With such a small sample this time, I’ll just chalk up the extra 2% to good rolls and RNG luck.

ArcheAge Rumbling Archeum Tree Getting Thunderstruck

Rumbling Archeum Trees Going Thunderstruck

Each thunderstruck tree came on the last phase change and I didn’t chop any trees for 5 hours after the final stage as I also heard somewhere that the tree has a 10% chance to keep rolling for TS every 50 or so minutes after it’s final phase change. This did not happen to me, and I figured that was just rumor, however I will be buying more and seeing as there isn’t any timer post final maturity, I’ll just let them sit for a day or two to check if this really isn’t the case.

Rumbling Archeum Tree Sapling Archeum Crystal Drop Rate

Once the tree is final stage and if it hasn’t been struck down by lightning, it is fully mature in 1 hour and ready to harvest. The action is a chopping action however it uses gathering skill and adds to your gathering skill points. It takes 15 labor to harvest and when it’s all done, the tree is gone and fully consumed. Unlike the regular Archeum Trees, there is no regrowing for more archeum on this one, it’s a one and done.

Here Is The Payout:

  • 3 Thunderstruck Trees - @225 gold ea = 675 gold

  • 31 Moonlight Archeum Crystals - @3.05 gold ea = 94.85 gold

  • 23 Sunlight Archeum Crystals - @6.58 gold ea = 151.34 gold

  • 9 Starlight Archeum Crystals - @ .44 gold ea = 3.96 gold

For a grand total of 925.15 gold
And as stated above, if you were to sell the rumbling archeum tree saplings on the auction house at 31 gold each, and at some points in the past day I’ve seen them as low as 26 gold / tree, meaning we squeeked out another 181.15 gold taking the grand total for the boxes to 1292.28 gold.

This is at a cost of 4200 credits.

And yes, for all of you out there that buy gold, this ratio is WAY BETTER than the current prices on the gold spammers websites.

ArcheAge Rumbling Archeum Tree Loot Drop


Final Thoughts:

All in all, the Flashy Racing Kit and the Rumbling Archeum Trees that come from them seem to have done a lot of good for the game. As much as people may think that it may have hurt the game, the economy is booming, people are crafting again and the gold spammers must be hating their life because you can now get more gold / $100 USD than you would if you went the “shady” route and bought gold from a website. As much as I hate to say that the old way of things was not working because we were making a ton of gold from it, the new way of the ArcheAge world is better for everyone, or at least that’s my opinion and most of the people I play with. The archeum drops in the game were horriably underdone and crafters were irrelevant in the long run, now crafted weapons are the new black and everyone can be happy that they can be a piece in the larger and more profitable cog that is ArcheAge’s economy.


- Amithus =705=


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