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ArcheAge Farm Wagon Build

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ArcheAge Farm Wagon Build

November 06, 2014 - 16:41

Well today is the day that I finally get to upgrade my Farm Cart to a Farm Wagon. The extra 2 slots may not sound like a lot but it really is. Plus the mass watering of plants adds a huge bonus to my daily farming as I tend to a lot of connected pieces of land that have seed bundles growing on them. Being able to spawn water at a moment's notice, anywhere in the world is also a huge plus. This article will take you through the Wagon, the mats to make it, the cost involved and finally the abilities it has. I hope you enjoy the next article from Amithus' profit farming guide for ArcheAge.

ArcheAge Farm Wagon In Action

ArcheAge Farm Wagon Build

ArcheAge Farm Wagon Overview:

To start, the farm wagon is purchased on Mirage Island for 50 gilda stars. I actually bought mine off the auction house a long time ago. I am thinking that people originally purchased them not knowing they couldn’t be made yet, so upon finding that out, they just dumped them on the AH. I got my plan for 8 gold. I grabbed a few more for guildies and I’m glad I did.

The only thing they changed since Alpha was the need to make your cart first. In alpha, the cart wasn’t even in the game, but because Auroria wasn’t open yet, the burning logs weren’t even available and the archeum logs as well. So they came up with a stop gap, the farm cart that I wrote about in a previous article. Again, it was good enough to get you by, but the 3 packs / run is a real drag and kept any serious money making with on-continent trade runs minimal at best. Even packing up a trade ship for a cross ocean trip was a pain with the small carts and their 2 slots. So yes, they made it consume the 2 slot cart design in the process, and no, the mats are as bad as they were in alpha.


ArcheAge Farm Wagon

It was good enough to get you by, but the 3 packs / run is a real drag and kept any serious money making with on-continent trade runs minimal at best.


ArcheAge Farm Wagon Materials Needed:

This again is not a cheap build, but prices are starting to settle in-game. On my server, Namia, we have a pretty strong economy seeing as we are auction house bound with Kyrios, Aranzeb and Inoch. These 4 servers are part of the initial group at launch and they probably represent a majority of players across all servers as they are almost always in HIGH status. So let’s get down to the numbers.

Parts Needed with Materials Listed: ***All Prices Listed in Gold – Example – 2.3304 is 2 gold 33 silver 4 copper***

!!!! I’ll preface this with the fact that crafting all the items needed to make each individual advanced material is much cheaper, in some cases almost by half. Please consider saving yourself the extra gold, after putting out the 2 Thunderstruck trees, any savings will be a welcome sight.!!!!

Price fluctuation on same items as you go through this write up is not a mistake, that is the price movement while I wrote up this list. Write up took about 30 minutes to pull all numbers together as I went through each item and found prices.

ArcheAge Strong Wheel ArcheAge Solid Shaft 

ArcheAge High Powered Engine ArcheAge Cart Bucket

  1. (1) Farm Wagon Design – 50 Gilda Stars or buy on AH for 45 gold

  2. (1) Farm Cart – Built and ready to consume upon creation of the Wagon. See our other post on the cart build.

  3. (4) Strong Wheels – This will take you 2 actual builds so the materials listed below are the actual amounts needed after taking the totals and multiplying by 2.

    1. (8) Archeum Logs – About 5 gold each

    2. (2) Sturdy Ingots – About 6.4000 gold each – Or you can make with (below is for one unit)

      1. (8) Iron Ingot – .022 ea

      2. (1) Copper Ingot – .0799 ea

      3. (1) Silver Ingot – .2660 ea

      4. (1) Opaque Polish – 4.4500 ea OR Make:

        1. (3) Charcoal Stabilizer - .9500 ea

        2. (20) Azalea - .0194 ea

        3. (20) Narcissus - .0232 ea

        4. Total – 3.7020

      5. Sturdy Ingot Total Buy vs Make:

        1. 6.4 Buy Sturdy Ingot

        2. 4.9717 Make with buying Opaque Polish

          1. 1.4283 Cheaper = 2.8566 Savings

        3. 4.2239 Make and make opaque polish

          1. 2.1761 Cheaper X 2 needed = 4.3522 Savings

  4. (1) Solid Shaft – This is by far the most expensive piece in the whole deal.

    1. (2) Thunderstruck Trees – Prices fluctuate wildly every day but about 1000 gold / tree

    2. (1) Sunridge Ingot – 104.99 gold each – ouch

      1. 104.99 gold Buy on AH

      2. 58.601 to make from scratch (Need 10k alchemy to do all steps, otherwise you have to buy the Rough Polish, still better to do this than buy the ingot)

        1. (10) Sturdy Ingots

          1. 6.4 gold to buy from AH

          2. 4.2239 gold to buy mats and make all pieces (see above)

        2. (5) Mysterious Garden Powder – 1.2 gold ea

        3. (1) Rough Polish

          1. 13.8 gold to buy on AH

          2. 10.362 to make and buy mats

            1. (3) Rock Salt Stabilizer – 1.35 gold ea

            2. (30) Lotus - .0464 g each

            3. (30) Oats - .044 g each

            4. (20) Antler Coral - .18 g ea

  5. (1) High Power Engine – Not too bad on price here

    1. 19.40 on AH

    2. 16.0989 To make

      1. (5) Flaming Log - .79 ea – 3.95

      2. (10) Silver Ingot - .275 ea – 2.75 g

      3. (10) Gold Ingot - .7499 ea – 7.499 g

      4. (1) Archeum Ingot – 1.8999 g ea

  6. (1) Cart Bucket – Cheapest thing to make

    1. (2) Copper Ingot – .0799 g ea

    2. (2) Leather - .1423 g ea

ArcheAge Farm Wagon Build

Itemized List – Buy

(8) Archeum Logs

(2) Thunderstruck Trees

(5) Flaming Logs

(5) Mysterious Garden Powder

(2) Sturdy Ingot

(1) Sunridge Ingot

(10) Silver Ingot

(10) Gold Ingot

(1) Archeum Ingot

(2) Copper Ingot

(2) Leather

Building ArcheAge Farm Wagon

Itemized List – Craft Everything

(8) Archeum Logs

(2) Thunderstruck Trees

(5) Flaming Logs

(5) Mysterious Garden Powder

(2) Leather

(96) Iron Ingots

(14) Copper Ingot

(22) Silver Ingot

(10) Gold Ingot

(1) Archeum Ingot

(36) Charcoal Stabilizers

(240) Azaleas

(240) Narcissus

(3) Rock Salt Stabilizers

(30) Lotus

(30) Oats

(20) Antler Coral

The Farm Wagon is the logical next step for anyone serious about crafting.

ArcheAge Farm Wagon Abilities:

The Farm Wagon comes with a few other perks other than 4 trade pack slots. The wagon will materialize 10 water each time you click on the make water bucket button. This is way better than getting it from your farm house which is definitely better than getting it from a public well. The wagon gives you 10 EVERY time!!! Plus you can spawn it pretty much anywhere, so if you’re back in your super secret spot and need to water your plants, you’re good to go, you’ll never run out. Plus you can mass water with the wagon, it sprays a jet of water in front of the cart about as wide if not wider than a 16x16 farm. It takes 10 buckets of water to do this however it doesn’t matter because every time you need it, it makes the 10, so you don’t have to drag around hundreds of buckets of water anymore if you are farming on a ton of land.

ArcheAge Farm Wagon Create Water  ArcheAge Farm Wagon Water Plant

ArcheAge Farm Wagon In Action

It of course has the normal owner’s mark and it still only takes 1 fuel to kick into high gear. Speed is the same, 4m/s and 6m/s with fuel.


Final Thoughts:

The Farm Wagon is the logical next step for anyone serious about crafting. The fact that you now have a mobile water station, can move 5 packs at one time (of course one on the driver, 4 in back) and other than the cost, has no down side, you should probably focus your next few batches of resource toward getting at least one of these for your guild mate that is keeping you in farmed materials, it will make their life much easier. If you are a pack runner, this is mandatory. 5 packs versus 3 packs may not sound like a lot, but it is. Plus when they put out the upgrade scroll (I hope soon) then you’ll be at 7 packs / run.

Table of Syndicates First Farm Wagon  Table of Syndicates ArcheAge Farm Wagon Spawn

The cost of this is probably going to price your regular joe out of the wagon, however this is an end-game item that should be worked toward by anyone farming small scale. Anyone with a massive guild resource behind you or tons of private land, just blow the money and get it, you’ll be happy you did.

And of course, like all the other articles on this site, this information was gathered on 11-6-14 at 12 noon to about 2pm Central time. Prices and materials are subject to change.

Join the Table of Syndicates on the Namia server. We are a focused trade guild that runs arena matches, open world PvP and of course, risky trade runs for extreme profit. Message or in-game mail Amithus, Xanabar or Chymera to speak with us and about your needs. We are not looking for new members but accepting members that destiny brings to us.