ArcheAge Trade Pack Payouts

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ArcheAge Trade Pack Payouts

October 31, 2014 - 17:13

ArcheAge trade packs are a good filler to making money with the materials you grow on your land. Listed in this post is the payout at 130% for each trade pack.

ArcheAge Eastern Continent Trade Pack Payouts

ArcheAge Trade Packs: Overview

Trade pack running in ArcheAge is a great way to make what we call "filler" money. Yes, there are ways to make more money / hour and money / labor in this game, however you can't always sell your materials, crafted items or gathered resources for it's fair market value. Between playing the auction house, crafting advanced items or high end materials, trade packs are always good to make guarnteed gold. We noticed that until a pack falls below 115%, you basically get the same amount, maybe a few silver less, so as long as you are running packs that are above 110-115%, you should expect to make what you see in these spread sheets. To check if the pack you are about to run is going to be a decent pay-out, make sure to use the "Vocation" button at the bottom and the "Trade Info" section, where you can input your starting and turn-in points to ensure you aren't wasting your time or gold.

Checking Trade Pack Payment

First click on the "trade info" tab under Vocation.

Check trade pack payout

From there you can select your start and turn-in point to ensure the packs you are about to run aren't below about 110%. If they are, I would suggest doing another trade pack or waiting until the payout comes back up.

ArcheAge Trade Pack Payouts

Once you decide what you are going to run, you can use the "Commerce" tab under the "Folio" to see the materials needed for each pack.

ArcheAge Trade Pack Materials


Making and Running the Trade Packs

Anyone in the game will tell you that running the pack is an art form. There are many schools of thought, but for the time being, our guild does the following.

ArcheAge Trade Pack Planning

We have picked a group of trade packs that we will always run and focus on those packs. We don't decide to run packs then just pick any pack, we have a carefully figured group of packs that meet certain requirements, such as:

  1. Materials in the pack - Is it better to just sell the mats or does making the trade pack offer enough value to spend the time and labor to actually run the pack. A lot of trade packs have materials that are worth as much as the pack turn-in. Once you factor in the quality certificate, time to run the pack and if there is any danger in doing so, most of the packs you can make aren't worth the extra effort to make a few extra silver, or worse, lose money on the whole deal.
  2. Time to run the pack - A lot of people don't value their time. Some like the trade runs, which is fine. If you are a sit back, sip a drink and puts along a few roads kind of person, that's awesome, but for those of us that are on a tight time table and have massive crops to deal with, gear to make and auctions to tend to, the trade pack better pay enough to make my time worth it. Sometimes the packs that turn into the next zone for 5-6 gold are better to do than running 4 zones to squeak out an extra 2 gold. Especally if you are using Fuel to do so. People that use the excuse that they make the fuel with 100% of their mats still are using a resource worth 90ish silver, something you COULD have sold on the auction house and created profit from, so yes, that fuel IS COSTING YOU GOLD.
  3. Is there danger in running the pack - Do you have to go through PvP zones? Do you have to cross the ocean? If so, you better either have a group, have a plan to run during peace time and stage on a near-by piece of land you control, or find some way to get through the zone intact. Getting ganked for your packs and blowing up your farm wagon not only is a hassle but a costly mistake, one that will probably take you a few packs worth of successful turn-ins to recoup. However the "danger" packs listed below in the orange sections are also some of the biggest payouts pack wise in the game, so figuring out how to deal with PvP trade pack running is key to your long term success.
  4. Inflation - As the game matures, materials, payouts and what is needed to keep you and your guild in the "black" financially may be more than running trade packs is worth. For our guild, running trade packs as a group is not something we do, however we do assist and stage packs for members to run on their free time if they need the gold. The crafter gets a few gold for the crafting of the pack and the trader usually has a ready to go, staged pack in a zone close to the turn-in for easy money. However, as a group, we are much better at doing cross continent runs for resources / gilda stars, group farming on our lands or selling services to other guilds in need, which net us a lot more than running a train on trade packs. Not that we don't ever do it, but we are more effective doing other higher profit things with our time, and keeping over 40 pieces of property planted, paid for and turning a profit takes more time than many expect.

Make sure you are in communication with the other members of your guild. Make sure they know what materials need to be planted to ensure you have a good amount of materials ready at any point in time to make packs. Being able to plant for all packs is not feasable. Even with our 40+ plots of land (most of which are large farms or farmhouses), growing a little of each trade pack is not as efficent as growing for a smaller group of focused packs.

ArcheAge Trade Pack Running

Most packs that either go through or turn in / are created in, a PvP zone are, are the biggest payouts on each continent. However, there are a few packs that don't transverse any contested zones which means it's a good idea to pick a few of those as well and be able to run them too. Packs are always being turned in, and if you are wanting to make some extra gold that day, but only have one pack made, you may be finding out that the pack you want to run is down around the 90% mark for payout, meaning you should probably wait to turn it in. We don't turn in any packs below 110% unless they are for gilda runs at which time, we probably crashed the payout amount ourselves by turning in so many packs. The trade pack payment is calculated based on how many packs, of the same kind, have been turned in at that location in the last hour. So if your pack is below your stop gap point, just wait a bit and see if it goes back up. For example, running a pack from Rookborne to Ynystere when Ynystere is in peace, is probably pressured a lot, so your payout is less, however running the packs from your start point to a piece of land you have close to the turn in, either in that zone or in a close enough zone to be able to run there in a considerable less amount of time, is your best bet as you'll then be ahead of the rush and will get more packs turned in than the guy running from start to finish all in one run.

The art of the ArcheAge Trade Pack

ArcheAge Trade Pack Payments

Here's the information most of you came here for. What am I going to get paid for each pack at each turn in. I started and completed much of this information on my own, only to find out that another guild on Kryos had already published much of this information, so even though I'll take credit for also figuring out this on my own, the spread sheet does reflect the same numbers as the others that I've found on the internet.

ArcheAge Eastern Continent Tier 1 Trade Pack Payouts:

Trade Packs in the bolder colors are the biggest payout for that pack to any destination available. Payouts are for on-continent trade runs. Payouts are in gold where gold is before the decimal point, silver are the 2 number directly after the decimal point and copper is the final 2 numbers.

For example: 2 Gold 11 Silver 37 Copper would look like: 2.1137

ArcheAge Eastern Continent Trade Pack Payouts


ArcheAge Western Continent Tier 1 Trade Pack Payouts:

ArcheAge Western Continent Tier 1 Trade Pack Payouts

I do have the data for the Larder packs and cross-continent runs for resources / gilda to freedrich but I don't have it in my spreadsheet yet. When I publish that data properly in this spreadsheet and have given my guild enough time to soak in the data, I'll post another page on these advanced packs.

Final Thoughts:

The trade pack system in ArcheAge is a great way to gap fill your day with another way to make money. If you don't have the farm cart by now, I'd wait until Auroria is out, as the farm cart doesn't upgrade to the farm wagon and farm hauler. Donkey running packs is slow and a tedious process and I highly suggest you obtain another way to run the packs. Being able to turn in 3 or more packs / run really makes it worth your time, and when the wagon (4 packs plus the one on the driver) or hauler (6 packs plus one on the driver) come out, trade runs may overtake some of our other means of making money.

However, like any other business, you need to watch costs. Popping fuel 3 times on a trip because the pack turn in is 5 zones away takes away a lot of your profit. Especally when you have 50 silver in each pack plus the auction house potential for the materials needed to make the pack and the 120 labor to make and turn in the pack, you need to be sure you are figuring out your NET profit and ensuring that number is in the black, not the red. People that can't run for gilda stars can run packs for gold and just buy the gilda designs they want. Gold in ArcheAge is the currency to beat all currency. Yes the ratio of gilda to gold at launch was a mess, however long term, being able to make a lot of GOLD will always be better than making a lot of gilda or doing things that are a net wash. Trade packs give  you a method to do this and are profitable if done correctly.