Vanilla Fudge Rust Server Community Build-Off

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Vanilla Fudge Rust Server Community Build-Off

October 18, 2015 - 14:24
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The Table of Syndicates is running a community build competition on our Vanilla Fudge server. All players are welcome to join as long as you meet the requirements below. No admins, server owners or ToS employees are able to participate, sorry!

Vanilla Fudge Rust Build-Off

ToS Vanilla Fudge Server Build-Off

In the spirit of Rust and some of the awesome builds we’ve seen on our server we want to welcome you to the first ever ToS Build-Off. Any design, style of build or layout is welcome in this build. It does not need to be a structure that will defend against an attack, this is not a “security build” but more of a form and design build.

The builds will not be attacked, tried to be broken into or judged on anything other than the screen shots taken and submitted.

Build Off Rules and Entry:

Entry Deadline is November 30th at 10pm. Central Time. All winners must be willing to provide First Name, Last Name and Street Address to send a Visa Gift Card to. We cannot email any gift card information and the gift cards MUST be sent to an address inside the USA, Canada or Mexico. Sorry, no entries from outside the USA, Canada or Mexico will be eligible for prizes. The United States Patriot Act is pretty tight with laws surrounding sending money outside this area. 

To be eligible for the competition your build MUST be on the ToS Vanilla Fudge Server (Server We want to make sure that all entries are subject to the same resource rule set. To prove your build was on our servers you must have a ToS admin visit your build site and they will mark your site on our maps and record your location in game.

The account you used to build the submission must be in good standing with the server on the day we choose winners. If for some reason you get banned or break our rules resulting in a ban from our server your submission will be disqualified. 

Once you’re done building it is also your responsibility to take screen shots of your build. Your design and build will be judged on still screen shots only. Video, streaming, etc. will not be an acceptable form of submission. You may submit 10 screen shots that will be placed on our website. Get creative here as this will be the means in which we judge your build. Scenery, layout, location and general build quality will all be factors that you will be judged on. Quality of screen shots matters.

A short write-up about your build will be accepted however will only stand to enhance your screen shots and will have no actual bearing on your final score, so if you don’t write up anything about your build, you will be NO LESS OFF than someone that wrote a two paragraph explanation about their build.

No Table of Syndicates admins, server admins, employees or community moderators will be allowed to participate in this competition. This is for the players only.

Table of Syndicates admins will not be responsible for providing you with any resources for your build. Table of Syndicates takes no responsibility for server map or blueprint wipes that may occur during this period. If your build gets wiped, it will be up to you to re-build it. We cannot stop a forced server wipe or blueprint wipe. I suggest you inform yourself on the Rust game forums of upcoming server and map / blueprint wipes. Table of Syndicates is not responsible for informing you of an impending server / map / blueprint wipe. Table of Syndicates admins will be on as much as we can, however if you are finished building your submission and you have not been checked out by an admin, we will get to your location as soon as we can to authenticate your build however if no admins are on when you complete your build and a wipe happens you will be responsible for rebuilding your submission. Admins are usually on during most hours of the day and you can email to request an admin to login and authenticate your build if none are on at that time and we will try our best to accommodate your submission authorization.

Finally, it’s in bad taste to raid / destroy player submissions during this contest however this will NOT be a ban-able offense nor will we protect your build if it’s not in the safe zone. If you build it, you are responsible for protecting it. However if you see / talk to someone and they say the build is for the competition I can only say that wrecking it will only make your life hard on this server.

Judging the Submissions :

Amithus will have the final say in the judging of the builds. I am judging this to keep any perceived admin politics out of the public scrutiny. I don’t currently play so I don’t have any “relationships”, good or bad, with any of our current or future server population. Elite Dangerous and the website have been taking all my time lately.

All submissions are subject to the rules of entry listed previously. The Table of Syndicates reserves the right to the final say on all submission entries. ToS also reserves the right to cancel this competition or change the dates at any point in the schedule.

Prize Payouts:

So for the section everyone is interested in, the payouts. Pretty simple here. We will be giving out prizes for first, second and third place.

First Place - $50 Visa Gift Card
Second Place - $25 Visa Gift Card
Third Place - $15 Visa Gift Card

Winners will be announced on live stream Friday December 4th, 2015 at 8pm Central Time. 

All winners will be required to provide their First Name, Last Name and Address to ship the Gift Card to. All cards will be sent USPS, no exceptions. We will NOT email any gift card information. United States Patriot Act declares we must send the card to a named individual and valid address. Only addresses in the USA, Canada or Mexico will be eligible to receive the gift card. 

Final Thank You:

Sorry for all the legal stuff, but the USA has some pretty tight rules and laws about sending money and to be on the safe side, we've decided to follow the rules listed above to ensure we're well within those guidelines. If you have any questions about the contest please feel free to email with any question or concern.

Good luck and may the best build win!

=705= Amithus