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Table of Syndicates Community Contributors

October 17, 2015 - 13:50
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Get paid to do what you love, play games and create rich content to share with the world. ToS is expanding our website and goals to become a leader in game related origonal content, news, opinions and of course, fair server administration. If you have always wanted to write a blog, create YouTube videos, stream Twitch content or promote and administrate game servers, we are looking for people like you.

Our community is looking to grow and offer more unique content and we’re looking for people like you. Our goal is to provide the gaming community a source of game related content, hardware reviews, game news and articles. We also love to offer how-to and beginner articles for game play on the games we actively play to help expose new players to the game in a positive manner.

If you like to create content related to these topics and you are excited to produce new content then contact us through the contact form on this site and provide us with some information about yourself. If you have examples of your blogging / writing ability please also provide links or send us the content to review. If you are interested in YouTube or Twitch broadcasting or live streaming, please provide us with some of your content we can use to validate your ability to put together a good piece of online video.

We are paying for this content and we are looking for active contributors. At the beginning we will pay you based on the content created and the quality of the content. If you contribute to our website or community, over time, you may be offered a share of the advertising revenue generated by your posts or videos.

Our main goal is to produce high quality content. It’s got to be original, meaning not someone else’s work. It can be on topics already written about or already has current streamers / YouTube content but the content on our website has to be created for use on our website only. We will not pay for content that is posted elsewhere. We take copyright laws seriously as well, so any submissions that are found to not be your work and were stolen will be taken down, not paid for and we will cooperate with the original owner of the content in every extent requested.

So be a part of a growing on-line community and content creator. Get your ideas on the web and grow your fan base with us. We look forward to the future of gaming and the gaming community. There are a lot of ground breaking games being released, hardware that will push boundaries like VR headsets and 4k resolution monitors and grass roots game developers that have some really cool ideas. The Table of Syndicates believes this is a golden age of gaming and we are excited to be a part of it.