Some of our latests Builds

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Some of our latests Builds

October 12, 2015 - 17:32
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Builds done by ElvisLover250, Veeblefetzer & Kayesser

Rust Player Builds

These are some of our latest builds in of my favorite things to do in the game. -Elvislover250

Vanilla Fudge Server Admins Building Greatness

This post was started by Elvislover250 but I wanted to elaborate on it.

I logged into our website today and saw this article and wanted to elaborate a bit more on it. Kayesser, Elvislover250 and Veeblefetzer have been hitting the Rust front pretty hard lately. As an admin team, they brought the server up to a 62 on and consistantly is in the top 100 depending on the week. Couple that with the fact that they also admin the servers full time and it's really amazing they have the time to build structures like this. Most of the success of the server and the ToS community comes because the three of them are always helping people build in the game, assisting on training people and general server maintenance and upkeep. The screen shots posted in this article really show the mastery of their ability to build and the attention to detail. 

My hat comes off to the three of you. That's some amazing stuff you've got there. I especally like the sunset on the dock picture. And the covered bridge over the water. 

Vanilla Fudge Rust Server Build Off

I would like to extend this oppratunity to anyone that is residing on the Vanilla Fudge Rust server to build their monuments and share them with our community. We are trying to build our gaming community and what better way to do so than with some good old fashoned showing off and community building. You can submit your build pictures to myself (amithus) at or better yet, post in our forums. I'll let the submissions come in until the end of the year and on January 3rd we'll announce the top three builds that are non-admin built.

First place will get a $50 gift certificate to the Steam store.
Second place will get a $25 gift certificate to the Steam store.
Third place will get a $15 gift certificate to the Steam store.

All entries MUST be on the Vanilla Fudge server and proof of build must be by an admin. Just take a screen shot of your build from as many angles as you think you need to show it off and make sure you capture the server name in the menu area so we can see it. When you are building and you've completed it, get a hold of an in-game admin and they will come to confirm the submission was indeed on our server and then you'll be entered into the comptition. 

Make sure that when you're building that you leave enough time for an admin to see it. Please be aware of server wipes and updates that force wipe the servers as we have NO CONTROL over server wipes and updates that force wipe the server. If you're building something you want to submit to the compititon, it would be prudent to alert the admins on our server right away so they can be on the look out for your completion and watch the progress.

We require the build to be on our server to ensure everyone is playing by the same rules. Resource gathering bumps on other servers would make the compition unfair, so unless you can prove the build was on our server, your submission will not be valid.

Table of Syndiactes reserves the right to final submission approval on all builds. We will run a fair event but we are not responsible for, nor will we get into an arguement over symantecs and submission issues.

Good luck and happy building-

=705= Amithus

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Holy cow! You really have some pretty awesome builds. Hats off to all of you!