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Goldmane The Skinner WoW Garrison Follower - Article and Video

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Goldmane The Skinner WoW Garrison Follower - Article and Video

September 15, 2015 - 01:12
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Goldmane the Skinner is a great follower if you are using the Barn to make gold or resources with your garrison in WoW. You get him already at level 100 which makes the bonus output from the barn much higher than if you were to use a lower follower and he is super easy to get. Read the article and watch the video and get Goldmane the Skinner for your garrison today!

Goldmane The Skinner

Why Should I Get Goldmane The Skinner


I just wanted to give a quick tutorial on how to get Goldmane the skinner if you don’t already have him. I’ve just come back from about a two year break from WoW and have been playing for about 4 months now. I had my garrison to level 3 on most of my toons and I just started really pushing the gold production out of them seeing as I’m about as geared up as I feel I need to be for what I’m doing right now. For this article I will be using my Blood Elf Hunter, BGP. All of my characters are named after networking terms (I'm in IT) and this character was created right when BC came out. BGP is basically in blue PvP gear with a few purples and one green that I've been too lazy to grind out. I don't play this character much, or I haven't until recently when I found some good ways to make gold with my garrison, so it was time to dust off this character and account, get the barn leveled up and get Goldmane.

-705- LostBoysInc and I were talking about what we were doing to make gold in our garrisons the other day and he clued me into using the Barn at level 3 to get both large work orders for Sumptuous Fur and Savage Blood. Both of which sell very well on the auction house and are also used in many high end crafting recipes. I didn’t know that Goldmane the skinner was such an easy follower to get and seeing as my Frostwolf tavern was already down, I used it to get a follower on one of my characters to run the barn but when I said this to him he showed me how to get Goldmane and wow was that easy.

How to Get Goldmane The Skinner

The general how to is you will fly into Nivek’s Overlook in Nagrand and from there you will run north west along the shore line into the IronFist Harbor area. In the very beginning when you cross into the harbor you will see a watch tower to your West along the coast line and at the top of this tower is a mob that when killed, drops the key to unlock Goldmane’s cage. When you do this he will come out, bow to you thanking you and then offer you a quest that basically is just a “do you want me to be your follower” quest. Accept it and it immediately gives you Goldmane as a follower. After that you can either continue to clear out the rest of Ironfist Harbor for the zone quest or just port back to your garrison to add Goldmane to your Barn as a worker.


Your Garrison Follower Goldmane The Skinner

This is totally worth it too because you get increased output from your barn and the output increases the higher the level of follower, so if you were like me and had done the Frostwolf tavern trick where you could select a follower to put into that slot, getting Goldmane already at level 100, even if he’s just green, is well worth it for how fast and easy this is.

Also, to make this even easier to follow, I’ve created a short video on the whole process. Let me know if you have any questions. Happy gaming!


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