Expert Treasure Hunter Achievement for Draenor Flying Exploit

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Expert Treasure Hunter Achievement for Draenor Flying Exploit

I don't know if this is considered an exploit or if it's just a broken game mechanic however when you're in Gorgrond doing your exploration, if you are partying with someone that has the opposite zone perk than you, you can loot thier garison treasures and they can loot yours. I was multi-boxing my two accounts tonight and one has the shredder perk for the zone and the other has the other perk (the ones you picked when you were leveling in Beast Watch). When you pick one of those two perks, it decides which zone garison treasures you can loot simply becasue your perk will either break stones to uncover the resources or clear vines and trees to uncover resources. These resources are NOT in the same spot on the map, and Gorgrond has a TON of these, probably one of the best zones in the game to gather garison resources. I broke a stone on my Druid while my hunter was riding on my mount and I had her try to loot the purple chest before my druid did and sure enough, I was able to loot it and get the mark for the achievement (you need to loot 100 treasures to get draenor flying). I then had to wait for the stone to re-appear and then called to break it again and then looted it on my druid. I did the exact opposite on my hunter. 

So which ever toon has the resource make the other toon loot it first, then have the toon that was supposed to get it loot the resource and bam, double the resources. Should make getting the Treasure Hunter achievement a LOT easier. This will for sure make it to my guide I'm writing up.