Elite Dangerous & Squad – ToS is Expanding

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Elite Dangerous & Squad – ToS is Expanding

October 16, 2015 - 21:43
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The Table of Syndicates is expanding into two new games. Each game is drastically different from each other however both are groundbreaking in their own right. We are excited to be a part of both of these games early on and look forward to the development of each.

Elite Dangerous is a space simulator game with many refined gameplay aspects. Squad is the stand-alone version of Battlefield 2’s Project Reality Mod. Other than being new games, they don’t hold much in common however they are both ground breaking and bring a lot of new gameplay to the table.

Why These Games

Our members are always looking at new games. We are constantly searching for the next big title that will bring us closer to the “ultimate” game. Both of these games aren’t new in any sense of the term. Space simulators like Eve have been around forever. First person shooters have also been around forever. These games both break some pretty serious molds and bring a lot to the table and each of these games deserve some credit and demand some game play time.

When we look for new games, we don’t just run out to buy the next Call of Duty clone or generic game to copy all the others before it. We look at gameplay mechanics, innovative design or immersive systems that bring the game that much closer to what we would consider the “ultimate”.

The Chase for the “Ultimate”

What is the “ultimate” you ask? You know, and would know it when you see it. It’s a game, regardless of its genera or class, that finally brings it all to the table. The game is the kind of game that brings so much realism it will be difficult to put down. You can’t be the “ultimate” without stunning graphics, innovative game play mechanics that make you feel like you’re actually there, the ability to project true presence into the environment to the point that you have to pinch yourself now and again to make sure you are still in your chair.

The Ultimate first person shooter game would be one that looks so good graphically that it’s very hard to tell you’re not there. One that captures the sounds and the visuals to the point that you might even get a bit sick to your stomach the first few times you play.

The Ultimate space simulator would be one that makes me feel like I’m actually in Star Wars. Not a game that just allows me to fly around on my ship, but one that lets me land on planets, interact with other players in a first person style mechanic, one that has true multi-economic regions and of course, looks and sounds so real that again, it’s hard to tell you’re not really at home.

Elite Dangerous – Space Simulation at its Finest





The Elite franchise has actually been around for quite some time now. I was unaware of this fact however this game has been long in the making. Elite Dangerous was released to the community in December 2014. The way the game is today is pretty much the way the game was released almost a year ago. You can travel from system to system in your ship, do missions, bounty hunt, trade, transport, be a pirate and all the normal things you would expect in a space style game.

Elite Dangerous however is soon to break that mold and expand where so many have been begging for a game like this to go. Very soon, Elite Dangerous Horizons will launch. It’s the first expansion to the base game that will usher the game into the next phase of it’s evolution. Landing on planets, being able to get out of your ship and explore the terrain on vehicles, gather resources and interact with more than just your space ship. This is a huge step in the right direction.

Horizons will be the first expansion from game manufacturer Frontier Developments but from their dev blogs and the community forums, sure sounds like it won’t be the last. They eventually plan to bring in a character creation aspect to the game so you can customize your avatar and make your in-game person much like an MMORPG style game. From there, they plan to expand into landing on planets with atmospheres, alien life forms and even expanding the inhabited galaxy with other races.

This game mirrors the wishes I’ve had for a game like this for so long now. I want to play a game that allows me to be the space baron I’ve always wanted to be. Trading, stealing and taking advantage of any situation that will fall into my favor. Elite Dangerous will eventually allow me to get out of my ship and hopefully walk into the Star Wars style Cantina and have a drink with a bounty hunter and pay for a hit on my enemies. The potential for this game is endless and I wish them all the best making this game.

Squad – Project Reality Stand Alone





I played Battlefield since BF Vietnam. Battlefield 2 probably saw over a few thousand hours clocked in game and I loved every minute of game play but I was completely unaware of the Project Reality mod that had come out for it. Veeblefetzer has played PR and loved every minute of it and the way he explained it to me was basically a battlefield simulator that makes every attempt to be true to life.

Couple that with the stunning graphics and what appears to be a very cool grasp on reality and this really paves the way to be the ultimate first person simulation shooter.

I stress the word simulation these days because virtual reality is coming, and it’s coming quick. The days of arcade style games is passing. It will never go away but the reality of today’s gamer is they usually want a game that immerses them into the game and makes them feel like they are really there. So running around with unlimited rockets on your character, jumping with a fully loaded rifle and having the ability to leap over small buildings without fatigue is just not what I’m looking for anymore, and from what I can tell, neither does the rest of the community.

Squad brings this in spades, at least it seems. I have not been able to play the game yet as it’s not really released yet. It’s supposed to be fully released this December however for $70 you can get early access on their website. The game is working and there are plenty of people that stream it or YouTube it, so check it out. The graphics are absolutely stunning, the squad based tactics are second to none and the general game play just seems like the kind of game I’ve been waiting for.

Table of Syndicates' Plans

We have been through many new game releases. Not all have gone well, some have gone OK and very few have lived up to the hype. We’ve been playing Elite Dangerous for about a month now and I have already been live streaming it on YouTube and Twitch. Our general aspect in Elite is to learn the game and get a foot hold on the economic situation before Horizons launches so we can dive into the next phase of the game right away. I’ve already bought the pre-release of Horizons and look forward for the title to drop. We are actively in game so feel free to jump in our TeamSpeak server and chat with us about the game, ask questions or come play with us.

As for Squad, this game is going to be in early access for Steam and closed beta for anyone that buys the $70 version of the game in time before the seats are all full. I plan on doing this and I don’t see $70 for a full copy of the game along with closed beta / alpha access and your name in the credits as a steep price tag. Heck, most Xbox One games are $60. But like any other early access, pre-release, always be prepared for the worse. I just don’t see that happening with this game though. There are people actively playing the game and streaming, so the game seems to be fully functional and little to no bug reporting going on in the forums, so it seems like they have the code ironed out to the point of a holiday 2015 release being feasible.

Depending on how the server things goes, we will probably try to spin up a server right away and host some game play on a ToS run server, so look forward to that in the future. And of course, there will always be room in our TeamSpeak server for anyone that wants to play and use our TS server.

So check out these games, make an account on our site and discuss them in our forums or leave a comment below.

Game On!

=705= Amithus 

Disclaimer: The Table of Syndicates and myself have no affiliation with either game, Steam or any of the afore mentioned game developers. We don’t get paid or any perks for you buying the game or directing you to their websites. All content is based on our perception of these games and is the express views of the author only.

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I've only been playing Elite dangerous for a couple days and it is awesome. I just ordered a flight stick and throttle to make the game immersion even better. Hope to receive them tomorrow! Squad has been Greenlit by the Steam community and they're working on getting a release ironed out with the developers. If you have ever played Battlefield 2 and the mod Project Reality (PR), you'll want to check into Squad. This is a real time battlefield simulator in a sense. Like PR, it will immerse you into a fully functioning Tactical Squad situation. Everyone has a job, whether it be leader, medic, pilot, logistics or snipers, everyone has to perform for your team to be successful in warfare. It just may be one of the most advanced Tactical FPS's in years.