Elite Dangerous Beginner Guide for Trade Ship Progression

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Elite Dangerous Beginner Guide for Trade Ship Progression

October 24, 2015 - 00:00
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This series continues our Elite Dangerous new player guide on starter ship progression to help you earn the credits needed to advance to more advanced ships and higher level modules. This instalment of our Elite Dangerous new player progression series will help you outfit you’re newly purchased Adder for maximum short haul trade profit and get you into a new trade route that constantly makes 3,000 credits per ton profit or more. 

Elite Dangerous New Player Guide Part 2

In this instalment of our Elite Dangerous new player guide for starter progression series we will discuss the Adder, how to outfit the ship for maximum trade profit, where and how to trade for maximum profit and how to get there from LHS 3447, the Elite Dangerous starter zone.


Where to Buy Your New Ship and How to Select Modules for Proper Fitting

This article assumes you have read and completed the first article in the series Elite Dangerous Advancing Past the Sidewinder. You must have a basic understanding of how in-game flight works, docking and un-docking, frame shifting and use of the galaxy/systems maps.

Congratulations you have reached the 250,000 credit milestone! Now how do we use the credits you earned best to make more credits and advance into better ships?

First you will need to travel to a station that has a shipyard, once at the station you will need to buy an Adder, this is a common ship sold at most shipyards. When you chose the purchase option you will be asked if you would like to buy your new ship and sell your old or if you would like to buy your new ship and store your old, at this point in the game you will need the credits back out of your starter ship to help buy modules and cargo so go ahead and sell your current ship.

Elite Dangerous Ship Purchase


Elite Dangerous Outfitting Basics for Adder Trade Ship

You should be in your newly purchased Adder now docked in the station. Open Star Port services, select the Outfitting area and select the hard points tab then sell both of the small lasers the ship comes with. This ship will be un-armed and without a shield to gain more cargo room and frame shift range. Now open up the Internal tab and buy the modules the same way I have in the screen shot below, I will also include a link to a web ship builder with this ship layout if you prefer to use that. If you find the station you are in does not have all of the modules needed and are still in the LHS 3447 area open your star map and plot a course to ERAVATE Cleve Hub, this Star Port has a large amount of weapons and modules in stock all the time.

Elite Dangerous Adder Trade Hardpoints

Elite Dangerous Adder Trade Ship Internal

Elite Dangerous Systems Panel

This is a link to the ship build on coriolis.io


You should now be in your new Adder with 16t of cargo room, a decent frame shift range and a fuel scoop, Do not start the trip to Kamocan without a fuel scoop you will run out of fuel!


Navigating Elite Dangerous with the Galaxy Map and System Map

It’s time to leave the LHS 3447 area and begin trading. Open your galaxy map then click the navigation “the 3 dots icon” option in the top ribbon then in the search area type Kamocan and enter. Plot a course to Kamocan then scroll out a little on the map, you will notice that the last few jumps have a dashed line rather than a solid line. This denotes you will not have enough fuel to make it past the solid part of the line on your plotted route and is the reason we installed the fuel scoop on the ship.

It is time to depart the station and travel to your new destination Kamocan. During your first long trip please be sure to fuel scoop often and early in the trip to ensure you don’t run out of fuel or get caught in a string of systems with dead stars.  When you arrive in Kamocan use the target menu “left console” to lock Danforth City as a station destination then super cruise and dock.

Once docked you can open Star Port services then Outfitting and replace the fuel scoop with a 2E cargo rack moving you to 20 tons total cargo space. The fuel scoop will not be needed for the trade runs.


Elite Dangerous Safe and Profitable Trade Route

Your first trade route Kamocan, Danforth City to Gridge, Sitterly Orbital will be a nice high profit route with very low super cruise time from the star to each station. This is a simple loop trade route, what this means is you will buy Imperial slaves at Kamocan, Danforth City and bring them to Gridge, Sitterly Orbital then buy Silver in Sitterly Orbital and bring that back to Danforth City. This is a very simple trade route that can make over 3,000 credits per ton delivered.

To trade goods between the two stations when docked open Star Port services then choose Commodities Market. Once the market loads up you will see all kinds of goods you can sell to the station or purchase from the station, for this trade run we are only interested in Imperials slaves at Danforth City so scroll the list down until you see Imperial Slaves and purchase as many as you can without going lower than 20,000 credits in your wallet even if your ship will be half full of cargo. You never want to run yourself out of credits completely because if you do lose the ship you will not be able to rebuy it via the in-game insurance system. To see your rebuy cost for insurance open the systems panel “right console” then at the bottom left you will see your credit balance and rebuy cost for your ship.

Elite Dangerous Commodities market

Elite Dangerous Commodities Imperial Slaves

Now that you have some cargo open the galaxy map and search for Gridge. To save sometime over many trades when you plot a new course you can click the bullseye icon when hovering your mouse over the target system, this will bring you into the system map where you can chose your destination Star Port and plot the course. If you do this when you enter the new system the station will already be your super cruise target so you can just travel directly without having to lock something.

Elite Dangerous Galaxy Map

Elite Dangerous System map

Time to travel with your first load of cargo! When you arrive in Gridge, Sitterly Orbital just repeat the same process by opening Star Port services than choosing the Commodities Market and scrolling down to your type of cargo “Imperial Slaves in this case”. When you see the Imperial Slaves just click and sell them to the station instead of buying them, before you click the sell button you can hover your mouse over the sell button to see the total amount you are selling back and what the profit is per unit.

You have made your first trade run! From here on out this route is very simple you just purchase Imperial slaves at Kamocan, Danforth City and run them over to Gridge, Sitterly Orbital sell and buy Silver run that back to Kamocan, Danforth City and sell.

Run this trade route until you have approximately 1,000,000 credits then continue reading part 3 where we will purchase the Cobra and set it up for maximum profit!