Draenor Pathfinder Series - Introduction & Pre-Planning

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Draenor Pathfinder Series - Introduction & Pre-Planning

September 21, 2015 - 18:59
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Join me while I embark on the Draenor Pathfinder series of achievements needed to fly in Draenor. I'll document in detail each step along the way, what I may have had issues with and how I completed each part of this set of achievements. Feel free to create an account on our site to join the discussion or comment on the articles. Thanks for reading and happy gaming everyone!

Draenor Pathfinder Achievement WoW

Draenor Pathfinder Achievement

So you want to fly in Draenor do ya? Well you better dust off that mouse because you will have a bit of a grind in your future. In this article I’ll cover some of the requirements needed to unlock the achievement and as I work through the requirements, I’ll post new articles on how to do each step. I’ll be bouncing between a few of my toons for this to cover some things that I may have already done on my main, so if you see different characters that is why.

I play on Horde, so I’ll be covering this from the Horde side however all of the achievements are completely the same for the Alliance side except for a few small nuances, so don’t worry, this guide will be close enough for either side. I will try to annotate though as I go through areas that may be different for the Alliance and what you would need to do to finish the achievement.

One of the nice things is that this achievement is account wide, so you only need to do this on one of your characters and all the rest of your characters will be able to fly in Draenor when they achieve the proper level. Also, as you work through these achievements, you can complete any of the segments on any of your characters to get the main achievement done. This is nice because depending on your characters, some may be better suited to completing the achievements than your other characters.

Achievements Needed to Unlock Draenor Pathfinding:

  • Explore Draenor – Explore all of Draenor’s Zones
    • Achievement in Exploration
    • Individual Achievements in Exploration – Draenor
    • This achievement is account wide, so if you have multiple characters, they can each count toward one full section. However only one character can do a zone, so for instance, Explore Frostfire Ridge needs to be done by one character, however when it’s done, you can do Explore Gorgrond with another character and have it all count toward the Explore Draenor achievement to unlock your flying. So if you have a character that is almost done with a zone, use that character to complete that achievement so you’re not exploring ground you’ve already covered.
  • Explore Frostfire Ridge
  • Explore Gorgrond
  • Explore Spires of Arak
  • Explore Shadowmoon Valley
  • Explore Talador
  • Explore Nagrand
  • Master Treasure Hunter – Collect 100 Treasures in Draenor Zones
    • Achievement in Exploration - Draenor
  • Tanaan Jungle Treasures Don’t Count
  • I suggest using HandiNotes Draenor Treasures
  • Progression Achievement
    • Treasure Hunter – Collect 10 Treasures
    • Expert Treasure Hunter – Collect 50 Treasures
    • Master Treasure Hunter – Collect 100 Treasures
  • Loremaster of Draenor – Complete All Storyline Quests in All Zones
    • Achievement in Quests - Draenor
  • You’ll Get Caught Up in The… Frostfire! – Frostfire Ridge
  • Don’t Let The Tala-Door Hit You on the Way Out – Talador
  • Putting the Gore in Gorgrond – Gorgrond
  • Between Arak and a Hard Place – Spires of Arak
  • Nagrandeur – Nagrand
  • Securing Draenor – Complete 12 specific Apexis Dailies:
    • Achievement in Quests – Draenor
    • These quests start at the Apexis Daily quest table in your Garrison’s Great Hall
    • You can also get these quests from the Scouting Missives (200 Garrison Resources) Sergeant Grimjaw outside your Garrison entrance (Right hand side of the entry door) [Alliance get them from Sergeant Crowler]
    • You must be level 100 and your Garrison must be Level 2 or Level 3
    • Assault on The Pit (Group Quest) is the only one you can’t get by buying Missives, you MUST get this from the Apexis Daily Quest Table inside your Great Hall in your Garrison.
    • Only one character can complete these series of quests to get the achievement. So don’t do some on one and some on another thinking that it will complete the achievement.
  • Assault on the Iron Siegeworks
  • Assault on Stonefury Cliffs
  • Assault on Magnarok
  • Assault on the Pit
  • Assault on the Everbloom Wilds
  • Assault on the Broken Precipice
  • Assault on Mok’gol Watchpost
  • Assault on Socrethar’s Rise
  • Assault on Darktide Roost
  • Assault on Pillars of Fate
  • Assault on Shattrath Harbor
  • Assault on Skettis
  • Tanaan Diplomat – Be Revered with the three NEW Tanaan Jungle factions:
    • Achievement in Reputation – Draenor
    • Having your Garrison’s Trading Post to Level 3 provides you with a 20% reputation boost in all of Draenor, something that is well worth having while grinding this out.
  • Vol’jin’s Headhunters
  • Order of the Awakened
  • The Saberstalkers

Characters Used for Draenor Pathfinder

Table of Syndicates WoW Character VPN on Aerie Peak HordeTable of Syndicates WoW Character BGP Aerie Peak Horde

I’ve got two accounts and both accounts have level 100 characters with Level 3 Garrisons so I’ll be multi-boxing many of these quests and achievements to get flying on both accounts. Even though my main character DNS is further along than VPN, I’m going to team VPN up with my second account’s hunter BGP. Reason being is this:

  1. Even though VPN is a feral druid, I can still use him to heal and res if needed.
  2. Because both VPN and BGP are basically at zero, it will be easy to track progress and keep them “together” because they both need almost the exact same stuff to get to the end of this.
  3. I’m sort of sick of playing my main.
  4. The feral druid is much better in a tight squeeze because of the burst DPS ability and healing.
  5. My second account only has one 100 level character, so BGP (the hunter) has to be the one to complete this on that account.

I’m going to pick away at this and depending on my time, this may take a few weeks or this may take longer. Like most other players, I feel that this is a bit overkill for the flying ability in Draenor. It’s not like you really gain that much. Yes, you can farm easier. Yes you can get to places faster, but how much easier and faster? Well it’s yet to be seen. I’ve talked to several players that have flying already and they say they are making gold hand over fist because of their ability to farm, but there are others that said it’s nice but not a game changer. Because I want to get this done, I’m just going to bite the bullet and do it and I’ll report to you along the way on how it’s going. I’ll also be using our forums to post quick info about certain aspects if needed, so make sure you head over there and check out the WoW section of our forums as well.

Planning for Success Draenor Pathfinder

WoWHead has a really nice tool that allows you to look up your character and see how close or far you are away from getting the Draenor Pathfinder series done. Kind of a nice representation of your path to completion. It also links directly to their guides on each section which are also very nice. I’ll have more on that in another article. But here is a direct link to the tool.

Draenor Pathfinder WoWHead Tool

So without further delay, let’s get started!

Feel free to make an account on our website to discuss this and any of our other articles in the comments section or in our forums. Thanks for reading and happy gaming.

--705-- Amithus