Draenor Pathfinder Series - Add-Ons Make Your Life Easier

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Draenor Pathfinder Series - Add-Ons Make Your Life Easier

September 21, 2015 - 18:58
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As much as I try to play the game without add-ons (except for UI mods and auction mods), many of the achievements are almost too difficult to figure out without having an add-on. Well, it’s not that you wouldn’t be able to figure it out, but do you really want to spend the next 6 weeks doing this or do you want to just get it done? If you just want to get it done, I suggest the following add-ons.

WoW Add-Ons

Add-Ons or no add-ons, that is the debate that surrounds many aspects of this game. Some find them to be cheating, others say that the game was made to allow for add-ons so install away. I am indifferent when it comes to add-ons. If you use them, great, if not, that’s fine too but don’t get in my face for using them. Especially when it comes to grindy tasks or “find XYZ” run all over the map stuff that Blizzard is too often using to separate the players from the prize.

Before embarking on this series, I only ran a UI mod called Spartan UI which incorporates a clean looking screen to facilitate more viewable screen area and condensed things like bags and unit frames, and add-ons for the auction house, which I feel are necessary. However after trying to figure out where to complete the Explore Frostfire Ridge achievement for an hour, I decided to install a few helpers.

WoW Add-On TomTom

WoW Add-On TomTom in ActionTomTom Settings in Game Interface Menu

I think the very first add-on I would suggest is TomTom. This handy add-on gives you an arrow that points you in the direction you need to run and shows you how far away you are from a point you designate. It’s all run from slash commands in the chat box. The nice thing about TomTom is you can put in as many waypoints as you want and then go to your map, select the closest waypoint and make it the active one, go to that waypoint and then TomTom takes over from there, taking you to the next closest one. You do need to keep a decent eye on it though because sometimes it will back track you, but in general, this add-on is awesome for the Explore Draenor Achievement series. I will list all waypoints for each Draenor zone in the article for that achievement.

WoW Add-On HandyNotes

HandyNotes In-Use

HandyNotes Add-On In Use

HandyNotes Turned Off

HandyNotes Turned Off

Another add-on I have been running is HandyNotes and the HandyNotes Draenor Treasures addition. This is a super nice add-on that shows you all the treasures in Draenor while you are in the zones. So while you are exploring the map, you can also take quick side-tracks to get the Master Treasure Hunter achievement going as well.

Other than that, I’m sure there are more add-ons you can use but at this point, this is all I’m using. Feel free to experiment with your own combination or better yet, post a reply to this article with your suggestions and we may feature it on another article. Remember, if we feature content you suggest in an article, you will be entered for a monthly prize drawing where we give away video cards, mice, keyboards and other gaming goodies.

Thanks for reading and Happy Gaming-

--705-- Amithus