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Admin Changes & Safe Zones

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Admin Changes & Safe Zones

September 12, 2015 - 12:55
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Temporarily Admins cannot be engaged by players and will have GOD mode on at all times. While policing the server, Admins are currently working on finding solutions to house builder/crafters and still promote PvP fairly.

Safe Zone

Safe Zones are off limits to having weapons drawn, raiding or killing. You will NOT build and camp non combative players going to and from the Safe Zones. People who currently live within the Safe Zones CANNOT raid period. If there is an Admin or player currently living within a Safe Zone who wishes to raid, they must move completely out of all Safe Zones permanently and build elsewhere. The server is evolving and we're trying to find balance between our PvE & PvP players. We will be setting up Polls to receive your input as topics develop.