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Adding Elite Dangerous and Squad

I'm adding Elite Dangerous and Squad to our games we'll be covering. Elite Dangerous is a space simulator game that has been out since December of 2014 and is about to have the first expansion drop this December. Looking forward to Elite Dangerous Horizons, we'll be able to land on planets, get out and run around the surface on rovers and other vehicles. I guess we will also be able to resource gather and there will be expanded missions based on these events as well. They are really expanding this game to be an interactive full blown environment where you not only fly space ships and blow stuff up / trade but you interact with the players on a first person platform as well and all that has to offer. 

Squad is Project Reality for Battlefield 2 but now in a stand alone format and really amped up. The graphics, game styles and mechanics are all modernized and looking awesome. I really can't wait to get my hands on this game. I've posted some screen shots from their website in the article about our move toward these games. Go read the article here if you have the time as I go into much more detail about both games. Otherwise, here's the screen shots.

Elite Dangerous












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Elite Dangerous is Awesome and I can't wait for Squad!

I've only been playing Elite dangerous for a couple days and it is awesome. I just ordered a flight stick and throttle to make the game immersion even better. Hope to receive them tomorrow!

Squad has been Greenlit by the Steam community and they're working on getting a release ironed out with the developers. If you have ever played Battlefield 2 and the mod Project Reality (PR), you'll want to check into Squad. This is a real time battlefield simulator in a sense. Like PR, it will immerse you into a fully functioning Tactical Squad situation. Everyone has a job, whether it be leader, medic, pilot, logistics or snipers, everyone has to perform for your team to be successful in warfare. It just may be one of the most advanced Tactical FPS's in years.

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