November 2015


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Submitted by TheAmazingWereBeaver on Sat, 11/28/2015 - 16:41

Hello, to whom ever is reading this I am sure you know of my current standing with the Vanilla Fudge rust server. I would just like to bring it to your attention that i am actively trying to get in to contact with one of the admins. My issue has not changed in nature I still would like to be accepted back into the community. I understand if you are not able to allow me to return but i would greatly respect some kind of feedback so I know I am not being over looked.

Vanilla Fudge Closes Indefinitely on 12-01-2015

November 28, 2015 - 02:05
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That's All Folks!

Thank you to all of our players! We had fun. We appreciate each and every one of you for stopping in and giving Vanilla Fudge a go.

Special thank you to ElvisLover250. the backbone of the server, for without her, I couldn't have maintained the dynamic vision of Vanilla Fudge.

Also, to Kayesser. Always helpful with an eagle eye in chat and with honor and integrity, he made sure his fellow admins, the server and it's players, were always secure.

A Second Chance

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Submitted by TheAmazingWereBeaver on Wed, 11/25/2015 - 18:55

Hey 705 I know I have not always been the kindest of players or the most well behaved but i do feel my long but well needed break from the rust scene have brought me back to the state of mind i was in when i originally built my first church town i only ask for a second chance to be accepted back into the 705 rust community

Rust Update on Vanilla Fudge 11-05-2015 | Forced Map Wipe Scheduled

November 05, 2015 - 10:59
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Along with todays update comes a New Map! We're sticking with 5k, as that seems to be the appropriate size for our population. Once the update hits, admins will take a 15 minute tour to check it out and make sure there are no Rad Towns and such, that you cannot get into! So make sure you get the "All Clear" from an admin before you get too far.

Right now it's looking like there are going to be some great changes and implementations in this weeks update, including: High External Stone Gates!

Being Creative

November 03, 2015 - 22:19
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I just wanted to show how you can get creative by using different building upgrades to create patterns and differnet colors in your builds and how placing lanterns in the right spot makes your base look at night.